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Celebrating Edward Jatto, Ebira Multi-Talented Artist, Media Owner

Edward Isezuo Jatto, popularly known as EdJatto, is a Multi-Talented musical instrumentalist from Okene in Kogi State of Nigeria.
EdJatto, in his middle 60, is currently a media owner, a flourishing, innovative FM studio in the heart of Okene, Kogi State

He had toured and performed extensively in Nigeria and other countries, mainly in the United States of America, spanning over 35 years.
Edjatto had performed on over 100 recordings (albums and CDs) and is recognised in the who’s who in African Music live performances and CD recordings.
EdJatto a song writer, musician and producer returned from America where he lived for years, to his native country, Nigeria in 2004 to start a recording studio in Lagos, Riverdale Music Recording Studio with headquarters in Maryland, USA.
He is an experienced singer and recording Engineer, with his early music in the middle 1980s titled “osoni vi aanehi” in Ebira language, meaning: “this (song) is home’s own.”
He worked with International recording artistes and groups like THIRD WORLD (Jamaica), KING YELLOW MAN (Jamaica), SOUKOUS ALL STARS (Congo), SONY OKOSUN (Nigeria), EBENEZER OBEY (Nigeria), JEAN PAPPY (Congo), SAM MANGWANA (Congo), AYINDE BARRISTER (Nigeria), OSITA OSADEBE (Nigeria), OLIVER DE COQUE (Nigeria), TONY OKOROJI (Nigeria), OSEI KOFI (Ghana), ALEX OBENG (Ghana), ASTER AWEKE (Ethiopia), ZULU SPEAR (South Africa), BUSTA RHYME (USA), LIL KIM (USA) etc.

On his arrival to Nigeria, he was given the responsibility of the Technical Director to overlook the technical aspect of hosting the Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant by Daily Times of Nigeria in 2003. He performed live alongside of other musicians like PASUMA and ARA.
He also featured on Sunny Okosun and friends’ Music and video recorded for COJA 2003.
EdJatto has since retired to his hometown, Okene and currently runs a radio station, Jatto FM.
Committed to uplifting Ebira image, EdJatto launched Ebira program on TV namely Ebira Opete and Ebira Kaneri. The programmes run on Eagle (Cable) TV Lagos; Wednesdays 4-5pm, Saturdays, 9-10am. Similarly, the program run on NTA Kabba in Kogi state, Thursdays, 4-5pm while negotation for airing same show on NTA Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti state is on-going.
His sojourn across the world hasn’t doused the love and concern for his native land.
He is known in the industry for his gentlemanly attributes; and because he allows his work to speak for him, his reputation remains uncluttered without controversies that often surround personalities in showbiz.

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His fame is not just about the fact that he is one of the most sought after sound engineers who helped to move the world of Nigerian music in the late 70s and early 80s. Working for EMI (which has since transformed into Ivory Music) back then, he was instrumental to shaping the kind of music that came out of Nigeria. Besides working in the studio, he found time to express himself as a recording artiste. For that effort, EdJatto has two albums to his credit. There are: “Love Explosion” and “Love Edition” – both released on EMI label between 1982 and 1986.

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