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I’m Committed To Amplify Stories Of Nigerian Heritage To The World – Davido

“I remain committed to using my fame to amplify the voices and stories of my Nigerian heritage on the world stage.”
This is the vow made by the Nigerian music sensation, Davido, as he prepares for his much-anticipated AWAY Fest, where he plans to celebrate his roots and raise awareness about Nigeria’s vibrant culture.
The Grammy-nominated artist expressed his excitement, emphasizing that the festival is more than just a celebration, adding that it is an opportunity to showcase the best of Afrobeats to the world.
In a recent interview, Davido shared his perspective on life’s purpose, highlighting the importance of using his platform to spread positive news about his homeland.
The AWAY Fest, he explained, is a unique blend of celebration, food, and dance, aimed at shedding light on little-known issues in Nigeria.
Through this event, Davido said that he intends to create awareness about various aspects of his country that are unnoticed.
Despite bagging three Grammy nominations recently, Davido said that he wants to stay focused on his career milestones.
The artiste expressed optimism about the upcoming Grammy Awards and anticipates that the following year will mark a significant turning point in both his life and career.
With a strong belief in the potential of 2024, Davido is determined to make AWAY Fest a resounding success and leverage his influence to bring global attention to the richness of Afrobeats.
Source: Persecondnews.

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