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Why I Left Lagbaja, Star Lady In Masked Musician, Ego Ihenacho Opens Up

Star lady in the musical band of Lagbaja, the masked musician, Ego Ihenacho has opened up on why she left him.
Ego, who is also a singer and actress, who left Lagbaja’s band in 2006, said: “I just felt I needed to move on and it wasn’t as dramatic as people thought it was. There was nothing and it wasn’t something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.”
She told QEDNG publisher, Olumide Iyanda in an interview that Lagbaja actually supported her when she told him she wanted to leave him.
“So, it was probably a month after, it just came to my mind, my gut feeling said okay that was the time to move and I told him sometime in October and I mean, it was expected, I wouldn’t stay there forever, as passionate as I am and as ambitious as I am about music.
“In fact, I’m surprised I even lasted that long. You know, so he was very supportive, he was happy-sad you know, he was like ‘Okay, I always knew you had this in you so when do you want to?’ and I was like ‘Okay, we just started the new year, December will be like my graduation, so that was like a farewell show and that was it and I moved on.”
Ego said that working on her own is tough and that she had to fight for her place as a solo artiste, and she was able to succeed with the help of those who supported her.
“Musically, it’s been good, tough, but like I always say, I took some things for granted. It’s not Lagbaja anymore, it’s me with my band. So, you’ve seen me with a band so it’s not going to be hard for you to call me for shows but it didn’t happen that way.
“I really had to fight for my place as a band and it was encouraging, I had people who supported me by calling me for shows and it was great. I got the Glo ambassadorship and other opportunities. It was just a mix of the good and bad and here I am, also as an actor, so I’m grateful for the journey.”
When asked if she missed the monthly show at Lagbaja’s Motherlan’, the Wura actress said: “I miss Motherlan’ a lot. Like I said, it was just a vibe. There was something to look forward to. we had everybody and there was just that common thing for everybody at that time, you know, the jokes, the music, we had the old, the young it was just amazing. It was just a nice vibe so I miss that.”

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