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Facts About Delay In Signing 2016 Budget

BudgetMembers of the Reactionary Club have been saying this about president Buhari that because of his refusal to sign the over- padded 2016 budget, the nation was in disarray.
Despite the fact that the federal government rejected the National Assembly approved budgets about three times, the president was still able to sign the 2016 budget into law on 6th May 2016 which still beats the many signing dates of similar national budget, presided over by the past PDP governments.
For our records, the following are the dates that the past PDP presidents signed their budgets (Appropriation Bills ) into law, from 2008 to 2016:
2008- April 15
2009- March 10
2010-April 22
2011-May 27
2012-April 13
2013-February 26
2014- May 24
2015-May 19
2016- May 06
Why the fuse about the delay, when this one was signed earlier than the most immediate past?
When next the enemies of the government challenge the President on any national issue, kindly ask them how they handled the same matter under their kleptomaniac regime. [myad]

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