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Famzhi MD Pledges To Refund Investors By June

Famzhi Interbiz MD

Managing Director of Famzhi Interbiz Limited, a multipurpose and wide ranging business outfit, Hajiya Mariam Suleima Omayoza has pledged to refund several millions of naira to no fewer than 15,000 investors who invested in her multi billion naira business concerns.

In a Human Right radio phone-in programme today, January 29 in Abuja, Hajiya Mariam apologized to the investors whose money had tied down since the business collapsed about nine months now.

She gave assurance to the investors, some of who took the complain of none payment of their money to the radio station on behalf of others, that she had no intention of keeping their money.

The Famzhi boss, who was drilled on the programme by Alhaji Ahmed Isa, popularly called “ordinary President,” insisted that she meant well towards involving Nigerians in her business for the purpose of growing with them in terms of income, but that Coronavirus came to destroy the business and place the company on a fast and steady slide.

Some investors who thronged at the Human right radio station in Abuja standing with  Ahmed Isah (holding microphone), Popularly called Ordinary President, January, 29

This was even as the anchor of the programme, Ahmed Isa pleaded with the aggrieved investors to give the Managing Director the benefit of doubt, asking them not to engage in any form of attack on her before the time she promised to refund the money to them.

“I am a mediator between the investors and the Famzhi MD, but will turn to attacking on behalf of the investors if Hajiya (MD) fails to fulfill the promise of refunding all the investors before or on the date.”

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Ahmed Isa personally promised to avail his radio station to the MD to advertise for free, any property she wishes to sell to make up the money to refund the investors their money.

Hajiya Mariam Suleiman had established Famzhi Interbiz Limited over five years ago, with investment in many economic fields, including poultry, animal husbandry, water production, estate and micro banking. She encouraged Nigerians and foreigners to invest money into the business with promise to be paying such investors 20 percent of what ever each of them invested.

It was learnt that Hajiya Mariam actually fulfilled her own side of the deal up to April last year when Coronavirus pandemic set foot on Nigeria, leading to lockdown and crippling of economic activities.

The investors, some of who invested as much as N10 million are demanding the refund of the exact amount they originally invested for which the MD is reported to be finding it difficult to do.


  1. Pls madam pay me back the sum of money insured in your company I invested 100000 since June 2021 I received 5,000 twice since then nothing more nothing less… My name is Mathias Yustus, My phone number is 08058955075 please.

  2. Please your deadline is over due please pay me back my money 250k isn’t not a child’s play
    You have succeeded in destroying me and caused me pain we are already in September but you have to pay me back my capital shushing interest sef no enter
    I beg you in the name of whatever you serve send my money back to me 16/03/2020.
    I won’t say more than this

  3. Pls pay us our money, I invested my hard earned money when I became jobless but unfortunately I took a wrong step to worsen the issue you don’t think of addressing us not even message.

  4. Pls we beg u to refund our money for us, some of us took loan with bank to invest with u and today bank are deducted from our salary. Pls we beg u in the God Almighty to pay us back our money

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