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Toyota Withdraws 6 Million Cars From Circulation For Steering, Cable Problems


Toyota Motor Corporation is recalling 6.39 million vehicles worldwide over a defect of its steering, spiral cable and other components, the carmaker said today.

The carmaker said in a statement that it announced five recalls involving 27 models, including Corolla, Yaris and Tacoma, the Pontiac Vibe and the Subaru Trezia, for 6.76 vehicles.

According to Toyota, since a few models are involved in more than one recall, the total number of vehicles affected by the five recalls is 6.39 million units.

Toyota said that of the 6.76 million, about 3.5 million vehicles were being recalled to replace the spiral cable assembly attached to the driver’s side airbag module.

The carmaker was also recalling 2.32 million cars to look into seat rails of three-door models and 760,000 units due to a possible steering defect. About 160,000 Toyota Ractis vehicles in Japan are being recalled to replace the windshield wiper motors.

In Hong Kong and Japan, Toyota is recalling 20,000 cars to replace engine starter relays and the engine starter motor. It said that the carmaker has received two reports of relay fires for this problem.

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It, however, said the carmaker was not aware of any crashes, injuries or fatalities caused by these conditions. Of the 6.76 million vehicles, 2.3 million units are recalled in North America, 1.39 million in Japan, 810,000 in Europe and 310,500 in Australia.

It is the second largest recall for Toyota after the carmaker recalled 7.43 million vehicles in October 2012


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