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African Catholic Bishops Converge In Lagos November 18 For 50th Anniversary Of CEPACS

The Catholic Bishops across Africa, who represent the regions of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) will gather in Lagos for the 50th anniversary of the Pan African Committee for Social Communications (CEPACS) slated for November 18 – 21.
CEPACS, the Pan African Episcopal Committee for Social Communications was founded in 1973 by SECAM in Ibadan. It is geared towards the management and operations of the communications apostolate in Africa.
It is also African region’s arm of the Catholic Church that handles all matters concerning the activities in the realm of media in Africa and Madagascar – press, radio, television, video, traditional, social media, and a host of other new forms of media.
Speaking on the epochal event, the President of CEPACS and Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Badejo, said that the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the body would help promote the synodal Church in Africa through social Communications.
The theme of the assembly is, “CEPACS at 50: Towards promoting a Synodal Church in Africa through Social Communications.”
The 50th anniversary with an assembly of communication experts and Catholic Bishops across Africa will feature Paolo Ruffini, Prefect for the Dicastery for Communications, Vatican as Keynote Speaker in Lagos, Nigeria.
According to Bishop Badejo, “The purpose of the Synod in Africa is the need for every segment to be given access, be given a voice, and be given a place and recognition in the affairs of the Church. The emphasis is that every segment of the Church be given the attention it requires to attain holiness, and eventually, to attain salvation.”
The symposium embraces the bishops of Africa and Madagascar who work through the eight different regions in Africa.
“CEPACS helps bring to the grassroots teachings of the Church on communications, the teachings of the Church on the modern media, the teachings of the Church on what the lives of the professionals of media ought to be, what their role, contribution ought to be,” Bishop Badejo said.
“CEPACS also helps to emphasise the importance of the accompaniment of these communication professionals even in their own private life because what happens in their private lives; their family, their daily activities has an impact on the work that they do in reporting news, in reporting events in the Church.
“That is why it is important that everybody takes interest in this assembly which is organised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CEPACS, so that together, the representatives of the different segments of media that work in the Church, we can all deliberate together on the way forward and how to chart that course together for a Synodal Church, a Church that cares for every segment, everybody, without leaving anyone behind,” the President of CEPACS added.
Source: The RealNews online magazine.

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