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Governor Uduaghan Asks Nigerians To Purge Themselves Of All Prejudices

Emmanuel Uduaghan
Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta state has advised Nigerians wherever they may be to purge themselves of the old prejudices that have kept the country away from rapid progress in peace and unity.
He said in a message to Christians and Nigerians today as they celebrate Easter that the best time for Nigerians to purge themselves of those burdens that have impeded the nation’s progress as a people over the years is now.
He called on them to continually demonstrate love in its fullness not only to one another but also to the country.
Governor Uduaghan insisted that Nigerians should drop all types of attitudes that seek to hinder peace and unity of the country.
According to him, Easter offers ample opportunity for Nigerians to reflect on renewal and sacrifice, saying that this is the time for them to look at old challenges in new ways as well as to strengthen their faith in God.
“The lessons of peace, love, selflessness and sacrifice for the common good must be imbibed by all Nigerians for national progress. I wish to task Christian and Muslim leaders to preach harmony, peace and co-existence for the good of all.”
Dr. Uduaghan appealed to all Deltans and all Nigerians to continue to live together in peaceful co-existence and harmony, devoid of bitterness, divisiveness and intolerance.
He recommended mutual understanding, love and respect even as he said: “Our common progress lies in peaceful existence anchored on friendship and good neighbourliness.”
He restated his administration’s commitment to making life better for all citizens and residents of Delta State, expressing confidence that on-going projects will be completed before the end of his tenure.

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