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Miracle Is waiting To Happen In Nigeria, New CAN President Predicts

The newly elected President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Archbishop Daniel Okoh, has predicted that a miracle is waiting to happen in Nigeria, advising Christians not to put their trust in man.

He said, in his sermon at the 2022 men’s conference of Christ Holy Church International, titled, ‘By faith, give leadership,’ that “there is a miracle waiting to happen in this country and it will surely become a reality. We should not put our trust in man.”

The CAN President described Nigeria as one of the best places to live in, because of the liberties the people enjoyed compared to the citizens of other nations.

“Nigeria, for me, is one of the best places to live in. I love Nigeria, and we must put our collective freedom to good use.”

The cleric said that the problems facing Christians are not peculiar to Nigeria, even as he tasked the body of Christ to demonstrate leadership by providing hope to the rest of the country by faith in God.

“The Church is under attack, but not only in Nigeria. Globally, the truth is under attack.

“There’s no generation that had not had its own challenges. We are facing ours and must find a way to wriggle ourselves out of it.

“So many things polarize the people at this time, but as Christians, we need to always stand together, knowing that we serve the same Lord and share in the same heritage.

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“It is our unity and oneness that gives us the force to contend with whatever that opposes our very existence. When we are together, as people of God, there’s nothing we cannot conquer. Together, we can give a sense of security to our nation.”

He called on the youths not to allow themselves to be used as political thugs, adding that the era of thuggery in the nation’s electoral system is over.

“They must positively participate in the political process. I am saying with a sense of duty that our youths must not give in to electoral violence.

“We must expand the space to inject new ideas into the systems. The world is moving on, and Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind.”

“In this (election) season, the Christians are going to provide leadership by faith, but with our two eyes opened.

The CAN President is sure that Nigerians, especially Christians would not use the political party as a deciding factor in the choice of a candidate to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

According to him, Nigerians have gone beyond voting based on the political party presenting candidates.

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