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Christmas: Osun Issues N2.9 Billion Bonds To Pay Pensioners, Prioritizes Workers’ Welfare

Osun State government has issued N2.9 billion bonds to pay pensioners in the state over the weekend.
The State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke, who announced this in his Christmas message to the people of the State, said: “in the spirit of the season, Osun State Government under my leadership continues to prioritize the welfare of the people by paying owed half salary, the regular salary, and in a few days to come, the wage award agreed with labour leaders will be paid to give the needed fund to our workers and also stimulate the economy of the state.”
According to the governor, whose idea was issued today, December 26, through a statement by his spokesman, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, the Bonds were issued to put a smile on the faces of the senior citizens.
He said that the idea too is to ensure that the pensioners can experience joyous celebrations of Christmas and New Year.
Governor Adeleke wished for hitch-free celebrations and prosperous 2024, even as he assured the people of sustained commitment to moving the state forward.
He said that the ongoing projects and new ones to broaden the economic prospect of the state and improve the situation of the people will receive priority next year.
He asked the people of the state to draw from the spiritual import of the celebration by sharing love and fostering harmony in communities.
Governor Adeleke described Christmas as a moment of reflection on the blessing that the birth of Jesus Christ symbolizes for humanity and charged the people, especially Christians, to embrace the spirit of compassion and kindness that the season reflects.
He wanted the people to appreciate the strength and prospects of unity in driving the needed progress for the state.
“We should use the season to renew bonds, lend helping hands and spread love without boundaries.
“I extend my heartfelt wishes to Christian faithful as we mark this year’s Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ, as we have come to realize, is the most profound message on the power of love and how it can save.
“As families gather to celebrate the season, I offer my sincere goodwill and urge them to look beyond the merriment of the celebration by using the occasion to spread love through giving and kindness.
“At a time like this, we need to look after each other and ensure that those with one need or the other are supported in our little ways. We are brothers and sisters irrespective of colour, tongues and faith, and so, we should explore the strength that unity and collectiveness offers.”

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