Whether You Voted For Me Or Not, I Am Now Your President, Tinubu Tells Diasporan

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has made it clear that it did not matter who voted for him to be President and who did not vote for him but that he’s now the President of all Nigerians.
He said: “whether you voted for me, or you didn’t vote for me, campaigned for me, or you didn’t campaign for me.  I am your president. “By the grace of God, I have to work on your behalf and make in Nigeria a turning point for prosperity.”
President Tinubu, who addressed Nigerians in Diaspora in Paris, France today, June 23, said: “so your president is here. I danced for it and I have to continue  to be prepared for it.
“The challenges are enormous but we have hope.Yes. With perseverance, determination and persistency, we can achieve whatever we desire.
“It is clear to me, I know the road and I’ve been through what many of you have been through outside the country.
“I ‘have been in America, in the UK, I have been a night guard, security, a door man in America. But I have achieved my aim.”
The President insisted that Nigeria belongs to all of us and that our diversity is an asset “if we know how to use it for our prosperity.
“We must promote unity, stability and economic justice for every one of us.”
Tinubu said that for a long time, through smuggling, some countries were bleaching us.
“Courage was missing. sometimes i became  an advocate of it. Remove this thing (fuel subsidy), but God gave me the opportunity when I danced around, strategized with my team, we won the presidency.
“And the day I was declared winner, I fell  almost sick with joy.”
On subsidy removal, the President said: “we are tired of feedings smugglers, making few people rich and subsidizing the next door neighbors.
“Let us see whether we will survive or not but we are going to survive.”

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