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2015 Presidential Election: Jonathan’s Men Desperate, By Kazeem Ugbodag

Buhari and Jonathan for poll

President Goodluck Jonathan’s political ambition is getting undermined by the day as his men have become more desperate to ensure that he returns to power. The latest desperate move which appears to have backfired is the launch of a hate documentary full of lies and distortions about All Progressives Congress (APC), presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

After watching the documentary, viewers still favoured Buhari in an opinion poll conducted by the same TV station that aired the vile documentary against the former Head of State.

The one hour offensive documentary is being aired on the Africa Independent Television, AIT, and the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA.

The documentary focuses on what transpired during the military regime of Buhari in 1984 and 1985 with lots of distortions to discredit Buhari’s candidacy.

Many people who have viewed the documentary were outraged about the desperation of Jonathan’s men and how far they could go to get another term for their principal.

One of such lies  in the AIT documentary spotted out by viewers was that  it was Buhari who expelled Ghanaians from Nigeria. Rather, it was Shehu Shagari who repatriated Ghanaians and other foreigners from Nigeria.

Also, the issue of Gloria Okon disappearing under Buhari was also concocted as she disappeared under General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime for which Dele Giwa was assassinated on Sunday, 19 October, 1986, long after Buhari had been ousted by Babangida.

Also, Fela’s mother died after Kalakuta republic was attacked by soldiers sent by Obasanjo’s government in 1978 and not under Buhari as claimed in the documentary.

Viewers also wondered what the death of two of Buhari’s daughters has to do with a documentary of Buhari’s ability to rule.

Reacting to the documentary, Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is only chasing shadows as the documentary is irrelevant and could not determine the presidential election.

“It was not Buhari who drove Ghananians away from Nigeria and the aspect of the documentary that said Gloria Okon and Fela’s mum died under Buhari are lies.

“PDP has just pushed the panic button. The PDP in their desperation has descended to a maniacal level, it is simply madness.”

Comrade Debo Adeniran of the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, described the documentary as irresponsible on the part of the PDP.

“Everybody in Nigeria knows that Buhari was a military man, thus the use of military tactics. We should put that behind us. There are so many things happening now that are worse than during Buhari’s period,” he said.

Adeniran said it was unthinkable for Jonathan to think he could get cheap popularity through the documentary, while decrying the taunting of the deceased members of Buhari’s family in the documentary, saying it is unAfrican.

A member of the House Representatives, Lanre Odubote, condemned the documentary, saying it smacked of desperation on the part of the PDP.

He said the PDP is already feeling jittery, which he said had led to desperation and sponsoring of all kinds of anti-Buhari campaigns.

Mr. Joe Igbokwe, Publicity Secretary, APC, Lagos State said: “everything under the sun is being unearthed and exhumed just to stop candidate Buhari by the PDP and their agents, but the man’s towering popularity continues to soar like the eagle.”

Igbokwe said: AIT cooked up a documentary to paint Buhari as an evil man and sadist and thereafter set up a public opinion poll to gauge the popularity of Jonathan, but that Buhari still floored the president.

“Every issue they raised has worked against President Jonathan. This is a silent revolution, Buhari is the next president of Nigeria, case rested,” he stated.

Despite the negative documentary, the popularity of Buhari appears to be soaring on daily basis as he floored his opponent, President Goodluck Jonathan, in an opinion poll conducted by the Africa Independent Television, AIT.

AIT, the television station that has shown strong support for Jonathan, conducted an opinion poll after launching the offensive documentary on Buhari.

The poll was conducted on its website: aitonline.tv/elections.

The TV station simply asked: who will you vote for in the presidential election? AIT went on to list the names and logos of all the presidential candidates for people to vote.

As at 8:30pm on Tuesday, result of the poll which kept on growing showed that Jonathan was lagging behind Buhari. While Jonathan, as that time was scoring a little above 2,000, Buhari polled about 8,900 votes, which is about 78 percent of the total poll.

With the result of the poll getting more favourable for Buhari and drawing serious public discourse and comments, AIT quickly shut down its website at about 10 p.m. on Tuesday.

The website was still shut as at the time of filing this report with all contents removed on Wednesday.

This might not be unconnected with the result of the poll favouring Buhari and showing Jonathan’s seeming unpopularity in the eyes of the public.

AIT simply placed on its website this information: “Our website is currently being improved to serve you better, please.”

Here is the result of AIT Online Poll amongst the Presidential candidates in the February elections.AIT Online Poll


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