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Fani-Kayode, Dan Ulasi: I Wish Them Same, By Babayola M. Toungo

Femi-Fani Kayode
Femi-Fani Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode likes to believe he is the “stormy petrel” of today’s politics in Nigeria; but he is not. Femi Fani-Kayode. The PDP has lost it – I mean any sense of decency – that is if they ever had it.  A party claiming to hold certain values and ethos cannot be behaving in the manner the party, its presidential candidate and its presidential campaign committee are behaving.  The character traits they have been exhibiting since the day General Muhammadu Buhari won the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential primary election is no better than any unlettered, uncultured, uncouth and primitive inhabitants of rodent infested creeks.  I hasten to beg the ready to excuse my language and choice of words but if the reader can tolerate the barbaric, nihilistic behaviour of the PDP, I beg him to forgive my decision to descend into the gutter and meet the likes of Femi Fani-Kayode and Dan Ulasi in their habitat.

I really pity Femi Fani-Kayode.  I pity him for a lot of reasons, but mainly for his inability to be ashamed of somersaults and I also fear for him that he may not have a relapse of his well documented “psychological breakdown.”  The man is truly an animal without shame.  But my heart goes out to those Nigerians who listen to and then go ahead to quote Fani-Kayode.  I thought it is only a Jonathan Goodluck or Namadi(na) Sambo, who for lack of a better thing to do listen to Fani-Kayode.  This is a man who was once committed to a mental institution in Ghana, now the lead spokesman of our president.  Does this not tell you about the character and comportment of our president?

With Reuben Abati pretending to be urbane and Doyin Okupe struggling between blaspheming Jesus Christ (AS) and identifying himself a bastard, a certified schizophrenic was drafted to be the president’s chief attack dog.  A man without scruples or sense of decency is our president’s trusted mouthpiece.  Knowing the well documented mental instability of Fani-Kayode, I have hesitated to join issues with him in the past, but I must do so now because I believe the man is overstepping the bounds of sanity and may ultimately drag so many of our undiscerning into his world.  I have never taken Fani-Kayode serious because I am of the opinion that taking him serious may mean joining him in his loony world.  Here is a man who vacillates between fantasy and reality so often that he lives more in the fantasy world than in the real world; a man who could easily change his mind on strategic issues and so frequently without batting an eye, yet is today at the forefront of the Jonathan campaign organisation as its spokesman.

Femi Fani-Kayode likes to believe he is the “stormy petrel” of today’s politics in Nigeria; but he is not.  He is just another political jobber, permanently looking for relevance and pocket change.  This is a man who proudly “kissed and told” on his relationship with Bianca Onoh, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain.  Flaunting his immorality is not enough for him but he has now taken the job of denigrating perceived enemies of Goodluck, insulting the president’s ‘betters’ and behaving like a “motor park tout” that he is, in the words of his principal.  Fani-Kayode did it before – he was Obasanjo’s chief attack dog during the former president’s second term.  This was after Fani-Kayode castigated the Ota farmer endlessly as if Obasanjo was his only vocation.

Dan Ulasi, a former (?) Anambra State Chairman of the PDP is pushing to the frontline of Jonathan’s hate merchants to be recognised.  It appears he want to outdo Fani-Kayode at being the chief foul mouth of the PDP.  Having lost out in the power struggle in the vampire-invested PDP, the man is pushing hard to be counted.  To so be recognised in their world of negativism, he is ready to disturb the dead by telling lies and talking ill of the dead, something that is un African.  All in his efforts to ingratiate himself to Jonathan.

What the two had in common is their ability to look Nigerians in the eye and tell them bedtime stories, which they know, are lies.  They have thrown everything at General Buhari including the kitchen sink without him batting an eye.  Much as I was pained by the blatant lies they bandy around, I consoled myself that the General and his party had the machinery to respond to the fabrications.  What raised my dander about these two unsavoury goons is their reference to the late Salihijo Ahmad, a Director in Afri-Projects Consortium, the management Consultants to the defunct PTF.  In their desperation to discredit Buhari on behalf of their principal, they were not loath to lie about the dead.  While all the mud they threw at Buhari refused to stick, they have now exhumed a discredited phantom “report” which indicted Buhari about a missing N25billion from the PTF while he was the agency’s Chairman.

If the duo and the PDP are so sure of their facts, why don’t they invite Obasanjo, Haroun Adamu and his Interim Management Committee to come and tell Nigerians what they know about the “missing” billion?  Afri-Projects Consortium, the consultancy firm purportedly indicted by the report is still around and willing to be suborned.  It is noteworthy that the same Obasanjo made Mallam Murtala Aliyu, the current President of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveying (NIQS), a Minister after the Haroun Adamu led IMC was sacked for corruption.  I also know that Dr. Ochi Achinuvu, the Director of Programmes in the PTF during General Buhari’s watch became a Federal Permanent Secretary and is now a member of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign council.  Another Director of the Firm, Amina J. Ibrahim headed the MDG office from where she now serve on the staff of the United Nations Secretary General as Special Adviser.  So why the insinuations?

Knowing all the principal actors are alive, I wonder of what value dragging the name of the late Salihijo Ahmad will be to the electability or otherwise of their candidate.  The attempt to introduce “mysterious death” or “suicide” by the late Salihijo is the height of irresponsibility.  Desperation doesn’t mean madness, though I know Fani-Kayode has a history of madness, I can’t be certain of Ulasi.  The late Salihijo Ahmad will be turning in his grave if he is to know that such characters are taking his name in vain.  He wouldn’t have come anywhere near the Jonathan gang for all the money in the world because he was an epitome of uprightness and virtuousness.  He doesn’t suffer fools nor related with the uncivilised.  I am sure there are many people all over the country and across every known divide who will willingly come out to testify on the character of the late Salihijo.  If it is a curse or a wish, just the like the death wish on Buhari by Fayose, I wish them the same.

The late Salihijo Ahmad was a deeply religious man and therefore the thought of committing suicide will not even cross his mind.  For these misfits to impute either a “mysterious death” or “suicide” to him is unacceptable in every sense of the word.  In Ulasi’s fables, the late Salihijo Ahmad and Buhari’s wife were from the same parents.  For the benefit of the discerning, the late Salhijo Ahmad has no filial relationship in any form and neither Buhari nor Salihijo ever claimed so.

Nigerians should be aware, that what do Jonathan’s associates and ‘spokespersons’ exhibit during this campaign is what we should expect in the unlikely event that Jonathan wins the February 14th election.  May God forbid that.  Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Boyloaf, Namadi Sambo, Goodluck Jonathan, Olisa Metuh, Femi Fani-Kayode and Dan Ulasi.  This is a preview of Jonathan’s cabinet.  Birds of the same plumage… [myad]


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