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My Friends Donated 22 Buses To Bauchi PDP Because Of My Leadership Qualities- FCT Minister

FCT Minister BalaMinister of the Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Bala Mohammed has described himself as a prominent politician and statesman with a network of friends across Bauchi State and the country who recently donated 22 number of 18-seater buses to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in his Bauchi state.
He said that such unnamed friends believe in his leadership qualities and those of his principal, President Goodluck Jonathan “whose Transformation Agenda is improving the wellbeing and living standard of Nigerians rapidly. It is not out of place for my friends to assist the party in my state.”
The Minister frowned at the action of those trying to misinterpret the positive democratic spirit behind the donation of the vehicles by his friends at a time when he was away in Brazil as a member of the federal government delegation to the commencement of the World Cup tournament.
Senator Bala said that neither him nor his friends “could afford to be aloof from political scenario in his home state since he did not fall from heaven but was born somewhere in this country.”
The Minister made it clear that he had never used public funds in FCT or any other Ministry for political purposes because he considers such as a grave offence.

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