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The Fear Of Buhari In Nigeria, By Joe Igbokwe

Joe Ibokwe
Joe Ibokwe

Like Abraham Lincoln who through power of consistent consistency rose to become the president of the United States after several attempts, General Muhammadu Buhari waded through pains and tears to get to where he is today.

The fear of candidate Buhari is now the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria today. Buhari was no serious contender in the eyes of ordinary Nigerians in the contest for the Presidency in 2003, 2007, 2011 but in 2015 Buhari has become a serious issue, a volcano, an avatar, a hurricane, a force and a thunder to reckon with. The event that changed everything was when General Buhari was nominated as the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in a 48-hour non-stop event at Teslim Balogun stadium in Surulere. Few days after a cerebral scholar and Pastor in the finest tradition Professor Yemi Osinbajo was picked as his running mate, the momentum changed, permutations changed and calculations changed. The very stone which the builder rejected has become the head of the corner and all and sundry have come far and near to admire the edifice.

But Buhari’s rise to fame in Nigeria did not come so easy. Like Abraham Lincoln who through power of consistent consistency rose to become the president of the United States after several attempts, Buhari waded through pains and tears to get to where he is today. I have since learnt a lot through Buhari’s power of not losing his head when others are losing theirs in a country where politics of the stomach holds sway. Through Buhari’s life I have learnt that there is hope for a man who is not easily defeated even when the person seems to have lost everything. I have learnt that the world and everything that is in it belongs to those who try to drill the deepest well.

This is the reason why the thieves, the corrupt, the demons, jezebels and all the monsters in Nigeria will not sleep until Buhari is out of the way for them to continue the business as usual. Check the newspapers, the TV stations, radio stations etc and you will at once notice that the common project is to find everything that is bad under the sun and hang it on the neck of the retired general. They all have a thousand and one reasons to demonize and pull down candidate Buhari so that the business will continue as usual. They place adverts and documentaries that make no meaning to anybody except those placing  them. When there are no lies to use against Buhari, they try to manufacture as many as possible and dish it out to to the political space. The more they do this the more it becomes obvious that Nigeria needs a Buhari to rise again. The more those who seek to destroy Buhari work, the more his popularity grows a million times. The more they throw mud at him the more cleaner the man becomes in the eyes of the ordinary Nigerians who desire change at all cost.

If you have listened to the audio and the transcript of how Ayo Fayose, Obanikoro, Omisore, Olubolade, Chris Ubah, Nigerian army, the police, DSS, the presidency etc conspired to steal Ekiti state from APC, you will then realize why Ayo Fayose wants Buhari dead by all means. If you know how much crude oil is stolen in Nigeria on a daily basis or how some importers of petroleum products have shortchanged the country, you will then realize why they are fighting tooth and nail to maintain the status quo. If you know the privileges Asari Dokubo, Edwin Clark, Tompolo and others enjoy today under President Jonathan you will at once understand why they are threatening fire and brimstone should Jonathan lose this election. If you are privileged to know the billions going to the pastors and the so called Men of God, you may not go too far to understand why they are falling over themselves to accuse Buhari of planning to Islamize Nigeria if elected president. If your eyes are wider enough to see the rot some government officials especially at the federal level have brought to the land, you will at once understand why they want the soft and weak Jonathan to continue in office. If you are clever enough to know the billions of dollars Jonathan’s administration has invested in the power sector without anything to show for it in sixteen years ,you will then realize why the fear of candidate Buhari is now the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria. If you know the level of corruption being condoned by this administration in Abuja, you will further understand why they want president Jonathan to continue forever.

But the thieves have stolen enough for the owners to take notice. They have taken enough for themselves, for their children, their grandchildren and great grandchildren and yet they cannot say enough is enough. Candidate Buhari is coming to put a stop to this endless corruption and impunity. Buhari is coming to build the battered and badly managed Nigerian Army which was once one of the best standing Armies in Africa. Buhari is coming to unite Nigerians, president Jonathan has divided along ethnic and religious lines. Candidate Buhari is coming to restore sanity in the land. He is coming to stop the oil thieves and the political traders in the seat of power. The retired general is coming to restore the dignity of Nigeria and Nigerians in the comity of nations. He is coming to rebuild our decayed infrastructure and democratic institutions. He is coming to restore hope to the hopeless. He is coming to secure the land.

Today, the money changers, the money doublers, the wheel dealers, marabouts, sorcerers, foolish constituencies, foolish gerontocrats, merciless and unconscionable oil dealers ritualists,who thrives under President Jonathan have become desperate, hysterical, confused, dumbfounded, and in total disarray about the coming of candidate Buhari. They are looking for time to regroup but cannot find the time. They want their Jonathan to be re-elected and yet they do not want an election. They have placed confused Advertorials to fight Buhari but they end up fighting themselves. They created a thousand lies to cover a lie and yet the truth stands out like the rock of Gibraltar.

There is a finger of God in this fourth coming of candidate Buhari in 2015. Students of the Bible know that Cyrus in Isaiah 45 did not know God and yet God blessed him and used him. God is not man. God’s ways are not man’s ways. He sees beyond all of us in the world put together. I want Buhari to win this election so that these scavengers, contractors, ritualists, kidnappers, armed robbers, and oil dealers who call themselves Bishops, Pastors, Men of Gof will return to the scriptures. You cannot serve God and mammon. When the ordinary Nigerians call Buhari  Mai Gaskiya, do we understand the meaning? A good man can be found in the church, in the mosque and in other religions. One honest man is worth more to the society than all ruffians that ever existed. Buhari is the next President of Nigeria. Case rested!

Igbokwe wrote in from Lagos, Nigeria. [myad]

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