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Man Jails In UK 4yrs For Removing Condom Without Consent

In a rare legal case in the UK, a 39-year old man has been sentenced to prison for removing a condom without consent during sex. Guy Mukendi, from south London, received a four-year and three-month prison sentence on Thursday, following his conviction in April.

The case, highlighted by London’s Metropolitan Police as a significant milestone, underscores the legal classification of non-consensual condom removal, or “stealthing,” as rape in England and Wales.

Mukendi was arrested in May last year after a young woman reported the sexual assault to the police in Brixton, south London. The victim had agreed to have sex with Mukendi on the condition that a condom was used. However, during the act, Mukendi removed the condom without her knowledge or consent.

The Metropolitan Police noted that prosecutions for such cases are exceptionally rare due to under-reporting. Nonetheless, the force remains committed to seeking justice for victims and addressing crimes that disproportionately affect women and girls. This case marks a significant step in their efforts to focus more on suspects in such crimes.

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Detective Constable Jack Earl, who led the investigation, praised the thorough police work that built a compelling case against Mukendi, resulting in a clear verdict from the jury. Despite Mukendi’s continuous denial of any wrongdoing, the evidence presented left no room for doubt.

“This milestone case underscores the importance of recognizing non-consensual condom removal as a serious crime. We are dedicated to securing justice for victims and raising awareness that this act constitutes rape,” said Detective Constable Earl.

Mukendi was found guilty on April 2 at Inner London Crown Court and sentenced at the same court. The Metropolitan Police hope this case will encourage more victims to come forward and help bring perpetrators to justice.

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