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No Going Back, I’m Ready To Die, New Niger Military Leader, Reacts To ECOWAS, Others

The head of the military junta that staged a coup in Niger Republic, Major General Abdurrahman chiani has vowed that there’s no going back and that he is ready to die for the cause of the people of the country.
Reacting to ECOWAS whose members, made up of Presidents and Heads of Government in West Africa, General Chiani said: “some people think that the coup operation is a game. But whether we like it or not, there’s no going back.”
He warned that if France and its allies try to attack them “to liberate President Bazum, we will have to liquidate it even before the Westerners reach us.
“Those who want to rally, let’s do it now, otherwise, having understood that we succeeded, if they come, we will not give up, either kill them or go to jail.
“I’ll tell you a secret:
“We often located terrorists, but when we asked to rush to kill them, President Bazoum told us to ask permission from the French forces first.
“But our soldiers were falling on the fronts and France did not pay attention to this.
“We decided to do the same as Mali and Burkina Faso because one of the largest nests of terrorists is located here, and the “Ahmed Koufa” of the Malians is also located here near the Mali/Niger border.
“We are ready to form a partnership with Russia and rely a lot on Mali to achieve this.
“I’m already old and so are the other Generals, so if we die it will be for a good reason.
“The young man will take power, as in Burkina Faso and Mali.
“France will be weaker than all that. Mali was right about these imperialists. Many Presidents here in Niger have received billions to spoil us. I myself have received offers but we have not given up, so be sure of one thing that will make us like Mali.
“If I wanted, I would have led the command but if I let the former, Chief of Staff, salivo Modi lead it is for a very good reason and I have my reasons.
“I ask the people of Niger to follow the example of Malians and Burkinabes.
“God bless Niger.”


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