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Saudi Arabia, Other Gulf Nations Sign Peace Accord At Alula

The Saudi Arabia and other countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC) have signed a peace accord at a summit held at Alula yesterday, January 5.
Speaking at the summit, the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman said that the summit was aimed at mending relations with Qatar, stressing the importance of solidarity and security among Gulf, Arab and Muslim nations.
The Crown Prince said the AlUla Declaration would be signed during the summit of Gulf leaders in the northwestern city in Saudi Arabia.
The declaration, he said, will strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood among the countries and peoples in order to serve their aspirations.
He added that unity is needed to confront threats in the region, particularly those from Iran.

“Today, we are in utmost need to unite our efforts to advance our region and confront the challenges that surround us, particularly the threats posed by the Iranian regime’s nuclear program, its ballistic missile program, its destructive sabotage projects as well as the terrorist and sectarian activities adopted by Iran and its proxies to destabilize the security and stability in the region.
“These actions put us in a position to call the international community to work seriously in order to stop these programs and projects that threaten regional and international peace and security.”
The Crown Prince thanked Kuwait and the United States for their efforts in helping broker the agreement.
Kuwait announced on Monday that Saudi Arabia and Qatar would reopen their borders, a major step towards ending a dispute that started in 2017.

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