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US Gives Egypt $650 Million To Fight Terrorism

obamaGovernment of the United States of America has announced in Washington that it is sending 10 helicopters and $650 million to help Egypt’s counter-terrorism operations.

Spokeswoman for the US State Department, Jen Psaki, said the gesture is part of a move to lift its hold on sending military aid money and equipment to the country.

She said that in the near future, $650m would be released to Egypt, adding that the money is separate from the 10 choppers.

The choppers and the $650m are to help Egypt’s counter-terrorism operations in the Sinai, border security and non-proliferation, the US officials said.

Psaki said that the $650m would be released subject to congressional approval of documents, adding that the documents would soon be sent to Congress by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Psaki said the documents would confirm if Egypt is upholding its strategic relationship with the US and maintaining its obligations under the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty.

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Chuck Hagel, Egypt Secretary of Defence, informed Egypt’s defence minister, Gen. Sedki Sobhy, that US does not believe Egypt is supporting a democratic transition.

He said that it is not clear if Kerry’s ‘certifications’ meant the US believes Morsi’s ouster was not a coup, nor if the other military equipment would be delivered.

Hagel said the U.S. believes the new helicopters would help the Egyptian government counter extremists who threaten US, Egyptian and Israeli security.

In July 2013, the US put a hold on the delivery of four F-16 fighter jets, M2A1 tanks and Apache helicopters in response to Morsi’s ouster.

The US said then it would keep the lid on military deliveries and funding until it determined if Morsi’s ouster was a coup.

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