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We Are Not Safe, Says Australian Senator Who Smuggled Fake Bomb Into Parliament

Australian Senate President

An Australian senator, Senator Bill Heffernan who smuggled a fake bomb into the floor of the parliament on yesterday has painted the insecurity of members of the parliament.

The senator said in Sydney that the ease with which he was allowed to bring in the bomb showed how easy it is for criminal to smuggle dangerous material past security guards.

Sen. Bill Heffernan, at a committee hearing with Federal Police said that the smuggling of the fake bomb was to illustrate what parliament house security in Canberra had become.

He said that it had become imperative because as a result of the laxity in the security checks in the parliament, no one is safe again. Heffernan said he brought in the pipe bomb through the security pass way that he was concerned about changing the security arrangements to enable officials to conduct random searches on members of parliament and staff.

And the Federal Police Commissioner, Tony Negus has responded by saying Heffernan had showed him the mock bomb and informed him of his intentions before the hearing and promised that the security protocols would be reviewed.

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