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Blessing Okagbare Disowns Advert With Her Footage Endorsing Jonathan, As APC Describes It As Height Of Lie

Blessing Okagbare
Blessing Okagbare

The reigning African and Commonwealth tracks title holder, Blessing Okagbare has disowned an advertisement with her image footage showing that she has endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan for the March 28 Presidential election, even as All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Organisation described such action as part of the lies which Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Presidency have been feeding Nigerians with.
In her reaction to the advert which has been running on the nation’s television stations, Blessing Okagbare said that she was not consulted before her image was used. She is currently in a tango with a pro-Jonathan group, GoodHouse Nigeria over unauthorized usage of her footage.
Okagbare is angry that “someone out there is using my image, footage and everything I have worked for to make money through advert and campaign without seeking my approval.”
Blessing Okagbare regretted that such action of the ruling PDP and the Presidency “shows how some of my countrymen back home can be so selfish, disrespecting and have no regard for people’s privacy……..This is fraudulent because I am totally not in support of it. “We called the people (GoodHouse Nigeria) and they denied using my image and footage for PDP presidential advertorial. Who did it then? Why are they lying?”
In a statement today, the director of media and publicity for the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, Garba Shehu challenged the ethical justification of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation using an unauthorized footage of a budding athlete, describing both the presidency and the PDP as chronic lairs.
According to Garba Shehu it is a shameful act that the PDP will steal the intellectual property of a Nigerian in its blind ambition of selling dummies to Nigerians about the popularity ratings of President Jonathan.
“This particular incident will be the umpteenth time that this administration will lie to Nigerians about the president.
“Up till now, the government hasn’t come clean about what transpired in a diplomatic row the country currently has with Morocco over a purported telephone conversation. This government has also been consistent in its lies about the achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan administration.
“From the arrest of the Ebola disease to other phoney claims of improvements in the living standard of Nigerians, the Goodluck Jonathan government has stood firm in rigmarole of falsehood in a futile attempt to project President Jonathan as what he is not.
“This president has failed Nigerians woefully; and that is why every of its lines of falsehood come out in bold reliefs before Nigerians.
“But to imagine that the government will commit such a shameful act as stealing from the intellectual property of a hardworking Nigerian athlete is most unimaginable.”


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