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Buhari Graduated From Us, American Army War College, Now Degree Awarding Institution Writes

American War College
Public Affairs Officer of the United States of American Army War College, Carol Kerr has confirmed that the Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari earned a Diploma from the College in 1980.
In a written explanation which was a response to a deluge of enquiries by Nigerians, Carol Kerr gave a graphic description about the value of the 1980 diploma earned by COL Buhari, and the role of international officers at the College which she said, started to award Degree from the year 2000.
“Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari, of Nigeria, is a 1980 graduate of the 10-month Army War College resident education program, at Carlisle Barracks, Pa.
“COL Buhari was a member of the third Army War College class to have included International Fellows. The Class of 1980 was the first student body to have a large enough number of International Fellows to seat one in every student seminar. The International
Fellows Program was part of a major initiative to strengthen the Army War College curriculum by bringing broader perspectives of international partners into the War College experience.
“The Chief of Staff of the Army invites International Fellows from select countries to attend the Resident Education Program and Distance Education Program each year. These programs offer an opportunity for International Fellows to participate with U.S. students in seminar and to study, research, and write on subjects of significance to the security interests of their own and allied nations.

“The International Fellows establish mutual understanding and rapport with senior U.S. officers and foreignofficers and enrich the educational environment of USAWC. Since the International Fellows are immersed in U.S. culture, they have an opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge of the United States and its institutions through study and travel.
“Since 1980, the International Fellows Program has expanded broadly. The Class of 2015 includes 79 international officers, representing 73 countries.

“Each student seminar group in the resident education program includes three to four International Fellows studying alongside US military officers of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, with representation from the US Coast Guard and selected civilians of several federal agencies.
“All US Army War College students are competitively selected for attendance – by their Service if a US military officer, or by their country’s armed forces when the country receives an invitation.
“In general terms, the Army War College resident education program still has the same major themes, albeit in 1980 there was more focus on operations.
“The college was, and remains, focused on professional education for national security professionals to serve society.
Overwhelmingly the focus was and is on Army professional education requirements.
“No master’s degrees were awarded by the US Army War College in 1980; the first MSS degree was with the class of 2000. The high quality of the existing curriculum was key to the College attaining accreditation to grant the MSS degree — there was no major effort required to reorient the curriculum content and methodologies that had existed pre-2000.” [myad]

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