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Emir Of Borgu, Detained During Buhari’s Military Regime, Describes Buhari’s Second Coming As Divine

Borgu Emir

The Emir of Borgu in Niger State, Dr. Halliru Dantoro has described the second coming of General Muhammadu Buhari into the leadership of Nigeria as a divine arrangement towards redeeming and re-uniting the country.
The Emir, along with other leaders of government, were detained while they were under investigation by the Buhari military administration between December 1983 and July 1985
The Emir, who was at the Buhari Campaign Headquarters in Abuja to congratulate him on his electoral victory in the March 28 poll, pledged the total support of his people to the success of the in-coming Buhari administration.
This was eve as the President-elect, General Buhari commended the positive disposition and the forgiving spirit of Dr Halliru Dantoro.
General Buhari said that leaders such as the Emir never held it against him that they were detained under his regime, but instead, he had developed a very strong and cherished personal relationship with him.
The President-Elect recalled that as Commander-in-Chief in a military dispensation, he took responsibility for all actions of government even where he did not direct government action in that regard.
“But as a leader, I have accepted such responsibility.”
The General also recalled a list of other names of obvious cases including Adamu Ciroma a former minister of Finance and Agriculture, adding that he accepted the goodwill of all such past leaders who did not hold him personally responsible for the actions of the military government.
He promised that as an elected president, he would ensure equity, fairness and justice for all even as he thanked the Emir and his people for enduring the seven-hour journey from Borgu to Abuja to congratulate him. [myad]

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