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Niger Delta Coalition For Change Promises To Support Whoever Wins March 28 Presidential Poll

File photo: Niger Delta Coalition Group
File photo: Niger Delta Coalition Group

A group of former Niger Delta militants, Niger-Delta Coalition and Delta Coalition for Change has promised to would support whoever emerges as President after the March 28th election, dispelling rumours making the rounds that they were preparing to take up arms should President Goodluck Jonathan lose in his quest for re-elections.

Speaking on behalf of the groups, Mr. Young Piero and Peters Asuluwa said those threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria over the elections did not represent the majority view of the people of the Niger Delta.
“We are assuring Nigerians that there will be no breach of peace in the Niger-Delta on or before the general elections of March 28 and April 11, as we look forward to free and fair elections.
“The judiciary has clearly stated that the armed forces have no role in the general elections, as such any attempt for military deployment to voting centers is sabotage to our judiciary.
“We are standing on the part of justice for now that no one has the monopoly to carry out such threat against national security if the government of the day has the peace and sustainability of this great nation at heart.
“We are one Nigeria, let no one be troubled, pray for peace and free/fair election, whoever emerges as the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria should be giving the necessary support from the North, South, West and East of this great nation.”
He said that what Nigerians need the most at the moment is a corrupt-free government which will deliver on its promises to the people in order to make society better.
Piero also pointed out that from the group’s experience, it was now clear that there is no easy walk out of corruption but that with concerted efforts and commitment, the goal of reducing corruption to the barest minimum is achievable.
He enjoined Nigerians to play active roles to ensure that democracy works because it would be impossible for democracy to deliver if Nigerians refuse to play their individual and collective roles.
The group urged political parties, candidates and their supporters to corporate with the Independent National Electoral Commission by accepting the final results of the elections.

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