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No Basis To Postpone February Elections, APC Alerts Council Of State Members

Garba Shehu
All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Organization has appealed to members of the Council of State not to listen to President Goodluck Jonathan, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and those they sponsored to be clamouring for postponement of February 14 and 28 general elections in the country.
“With INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), which is constitutionally empowered to conduct elections saying it is ready, there is no basis to contemplate on the grounds of politically expedient excuses.”
The Council of State, made up of former Nigeria Presidents and Heads of State as well as other past and present leaders, is scheduled to hold a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, where President Jonathan will seek advised on whether or not to postpone the elections.
In a statement from the Director of Media and Publicity of APC Presidential Campaign Organization, Mallam Garba Shehu, APC appealed to members of the Council of State to put the higher interest of Nigeria above selfish and other narrow considerations.
The APC presidential campaign organization said that considering the zeal of Nigerians for change and their passion to vote, there should be no excuse to deny Nigerians the right to exercise their franchise.
“The Independent National Electoral Commission is the custodian of the electoral process and should therefore be given a free hand to conduct the 2015 general elections in line with the laws of the land.”
According to the statement, postponement of election is a serious national issue, and called on members of the Council of State to vote according to their conscience when the issue of election postponement comes up for consideration.
Garba Shehu reminded members of the Council of State that their honour and integrity are at stake, and therefore, they must weigh the implications of election postponement.
He said the incredible enthusiasm with which Nigerians are ready to vote during the February general election should not be dampened and ruined by any idea of election postponement to serve expedient political objectives.
“As at the last count, all stakeholders have committed to the conduct of the general elections as scheduled. INEC had expressed its preparedness, the military and police have committed to providing adequate security and even the PDP says it is prepared for the election. From all indications the only person who is not prepared for the election appears to be President Jonathan who has seen defeat staring him in the face and is pulling all the strings to re-enact the June 12, 1993 scenario.” [myad]

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