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After 25 Years In Marriage, Couple Find No Love Between Them: Get Separated

After 25 years in marriage, a couple in Ilorin, Kwara State, have realised that there is no love between them.
Seperating the couple, named Ramat and Ibrahim today January 24, in a divorce case, a Centre-Igboro Area Court in Ilorin, agreed that from evidence available, there is no love between the two.
The Judge, Hammad Ajumonbi said that the statement by the petitioner, Ramat, showed that all efforts to reconcile the coupled had failed.
Ajumonbi, therefore, dissolved the marriage, which was conducted in an Islamic way between the couple.
The Judge said that the first and second children of the marriage are already adults and, have their individual right to choose who they want to live with.
The judge also ordered the respondent to take full responsibility for the children’s feeding, school fees and medical expenses, to the best of his ability.
He also ruled that the petitioner should be allowed to pack all her belongings with the permission of the court.
Earlier, the wife had told the court that she was scared of going to the respondent’s house, alleging that he was fetish and partial with his co-wife, hence her insistence on divorce.
She requested that the children remained with the respondent for now.
The husband told the court that he agreed with the petitioner’s decision on divorce and did not want to ever see her in his house again, to avoid further allegations.
Source: NAN.

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