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Alleged General Shuwa’s Killer Denies Knowledge Of The Act: He Is Telling Lie – Army

Shuwa killer Mohd NafiuThe 35 years old suspected mastermind of General Mamam Shuwa death, Mohammed Sani Nafiu has denied the knowledge of the killing, even as the military officers who arrested him described him as a pathological liar.
Nafiu, who was paraded by military in Kano today, Tuesday, told newsmen that he was being framed up by the military and that he knew nothing about the planning and assassination of the civil war hero.
The suspect who spoke in Hausa language said “I don’t know anything about General Shuwa’s death. I was arrested from my home to the detention centre, and they are trying to frame me. I must make myself clear: I have no hand in General Shuwa’s death.”
Nafiu was arrested by the military at Hotoro area of Kano municipal and a GSM and a total sum of N300 was recovered from him.
But, a senior military officer told Journalists shortly after a brief encounter with the suspects to disregard his stand.
The senior army officer, who would not want his name mentioned said: ”the suspect is a pathological liar. What we know of him was different from the picture he tried to paint before the world.
“Immediately after General Shuwa was martyr, this suspect relocated from his country home and his arrest was a product of sustained intelligence operation.” [myad]

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