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APC Accuses Presidency, PDP Of Shifting Blame On Fuel Scarcity

Garba Shehu Director

All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Organisation accused the President Goodluck Jonathan led PDP government as a badly scripted jaded comedy of blame-game which engages in what it called ludicrous holding others but themselves accountable for every mess of their administration a comic pastime.

In a statement by the director of media and publicity for the APC Presidential campaign organization, Garba Shehu said that it is laughable for the PDP and its government to point accusing fingers at the APC for the current fuel scarcity when they were full aware that it was only a matter of time before the politically-motivated stop-gap policies they had put in place would come haunting them.

Garba Shehu said that the latest tirade from the PDP offers the clearest indication of the incompetence of the Jonathan government for which Nigerians are ready to vote them out on March 28.

“To say the least we at the APCPCO see this latest antic of the PDP and its government as a comic relief for which discerning Nigerians are not amused at all.  It has become the signature tune of the PDP and its government to blame the APC and its presidential candidate and party stalwarts for every mess they have made of the lives of Nigerians in virtually every facet.

“With the latest cry-baby antic Nigerians can now see the PDP and its government for what they truly are: incompetent and clueless. What else are they going to accuse the APC and its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari of?

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“Will they accuse Buhari and APC of being behind the erratic power supply for which manufacturers are threatening to shut down their plants and for which jobs have already been lost? May be the PDP and President Jonathan will also accuse the APC and Buhari of causing the pervasive poverty and unemployment in the country?  Or they will accuse them of having caused the mismanagement of security by this government; of being responsible for the free fall of the price of crude of oil and  the exchange rate? Don’t be surprised if tomorrow the PDP and the Jonathan government hold the APC, General Buhari and the stalwarts of the opposition party responsible for the inability of the chickens in Aso Rock Villa to lay eggs!

Garba Shehu advised the PDP and Jonathan government to own up to their incompetence, apologise to Nigerians over their failed leadership and pave the way for Nigerians to get the change they desire by conducting a credible, free and fair elections on March 28 and April 11. [myad]

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