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Asari Dokubo Stages Counter NLC Protest In Abuja

Former Niger Delta militant leader, Alhaji Mujahedeen Asari Dokubo today, August 2, staged what looked like a protest countering the one being staged by the organised labour, led by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), against fuel subsidy removal and economic hardships.
Our Reporter said that while the NLC mobilised its members to protest the hardship in the country, as a result of the removal of fuel subsidy, Asari Dokubo and some of his supporters were seen along a road in Abuja in solidarity with president Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
Asari Dokubo was seen being cheered on by his supporters as they demonstrated in support of President Tinubu.
Many of the Dokubo’s followers carried banners in support of Tinubu with one of them saying that the mandate is from Allah.
Meanwhile, the Senate has set up an emergency 3-member committee to dialogue with the NLC/TUC leaders, after the latter forced themselves into the presmises of the National Assembly by bringing down the main entrance gate to the complex.

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