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Chief S.B. Falegan Describes Femi Fani-Kayode As Real Son Of His Father, Asks Nigerians To Appreciate His Lies

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The pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) Chief S.B. Falegan has said that the Director of media and publicity for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode has stepped comfortably into the shoe of his father, describing him as the real son of his father.
Chief Falegan said that Chief Remi Fani-Kayode’s rascal antecedents in the Nigeria Politics during the second Republic’s National Party of Nigeria (NPN) has been wholly inherited by Femi Fani-Kayode, showing that he is a real son of his father and “public should appreciate his lies otherwise, if Femi FaniKayode could say President Jonathan government is a bad omen to the country and thereafter he decamped to the PDP and people can see him with his re-twisted taking after his father’s styles.”
Chief Falegan made this known in his New book Titled: “MY YESTER-YEARS” on Pages 82-83.
In the book, Chief Falegan narrates: “I wish to mention three or four issues that were hatched and meant to destroy and eliminate me completely but for the grace of God . I have written my “Aide – Memoire for succeeding Managing Director.” It is a summary of the problems of what I underwent in the FMBN and the battle I waged with a group of political rascal led by CHIEF REMI FANI-KAYODE who felt that once they were politicians, the opinions of others did not matter and that such people should be treated as slaves with no stake , and no opinions.”
Falegan said that apart from the selfish pursuit of greed, and personal enrichment at the expense of the country by late Remi Fani-kayode, he listed the incident he experienced with Late Chief Remi Fani-kayode “who almost destroyed my image and to, in fact, kill me.
“Chief Remi Fanikayode, a stalwart of the defunct Action Group under the leadership of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and former Deputy Governor under the late Chief Ladoke Akintola’s Democratic Party (a break-away party from the Action Group) and later one of the top leaders of National Party of Nigeria (NPN) wrote a letter to me as the Managing Director (FMBN) to lend him N5million for an unspecified purpose. I took the pain, out of sheer respect, to write to him to be more specific as to get the purpose of the loan. I also let him know that the limit of my authority for mortgage loan was not more than N1million ; even then, I had to get the Board’s approval before I could exercise that authority. Lastly, I suggested that he could write the board directly (since they all belong to the same political party, the NPN) for assistance and that as thing stood, if the board directed me to help with specific guidelines relating to my function within limits of mortgage financing, I would be willing to help.
“After about six months’ period of non-communication or response from him, I saw a petition against me from Chief Remi Fanikayode sent to my board of Directors and the federal Minister of Works and Housing, Dr. Wahab Dosumu. The accusation against me was my refusal to lend him the money mentioned above. He supported his accusation against me with spurious allegation that I was a die-hard UPN party supporter, who should not be allowed to hold any office under an NPN controlled government. He went on to falsely accuse me in his petition to the board and my Minister that I used the Federal Mortgage bank fund to finance “Ife Stores” at ile ife, his hometown. ” Ife Stores” happens to belong to my sister, Chief Mrs Bola Adenuga ( nee Bola Falegan now dead) married to late Prof. Ade Adenuga.
“Ironically, this same ” Ife Stores” caused a permanent scar between me and my sister, who out of ignorance and misinformation, felt I should lend money to her from FMBN to build ” Ife Stores ” a purely commercial venture as against home-loan finance function of FMBN. I took her to request to a commercial bank in Ibadan where I provided my personal surety for the loan to finance lfe Store.
“I took two steps immediately I received a copy of Chief Remi Fanikayode’s petition: I went to see Minister of Works and Housing, Dr. Wahab Dosumu with my letter of resignation as MD of FMBN. I slated my case before the Minister. He requested to know my next course of action and I told him I had my letter of resignation to hand over to him . To my pleasant surprise , the Minister said to me ” Chief , no you can’t resign. One thing you don’t know is that I have enough information about you as a man of integrity , hardworking and of unalloyed patriotism and commitment to whatever you do. I have a good report of you from Mr. Ola Vincent the Governor of Central Bank. You see this is how the Yorubas destroy themselves and marginlization themselves from the government so go back to your work. I have so directed the board orally.
“Thereafter I went straight to the board which was meeting at the time and they welcomed me with subdued word, to my surprise the board said Chief , don’t be too upset. We in the NPN merely tolerate people like Chief Fani-Kayode in our party for the spoiling role he had played in the party. If Fani-kayode can betrayed Baba Awolowo , we had no cause to trust him.
“The Chairman of the FMBN board Mr Ola Vincent later called me and advised me to take things easy. When the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade, Olubuse II called me that he wanted to bring the two of us together as Nigerian knew what is happening between us . I did not mince words in letting Kabiyesi know that I preferred not to mEet with Chief Remi FaniKayode ever in my life time, otherwise if I ever stretched my right hand to shake his own, my right hand would turn into a cutlass and I would cut him to pieces. Indeed I never met him and I read about his death and burial in the newspapers.
“I remain the Great Citizen of the Federal Republic ( GCFR).” [myad]

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