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Fulani Disown Attackers In Benue, As Governor Suswam Calls For Total War On Invaders

Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam
Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam

Fulani people in Benue state, under the umbrella of Miyetti Allah Association have disassociated themelves from the latest attacks on farmers in many parts of Benue, Nasarawa and Plateau states in particular by those claiming to be Fulani herdsmen.
Governor Gabriel Suswam, who said that this position was made known to him when he held an all-night meeting with leadership of Miyetti Allah at the Government House in Makurdi last night, insisted that the attackers are mercenaries that infiltrated the state and other parts of the country to excerbate the security challenges.
Governor Suswam spoke today at the Presidential Villa, when leaders and stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), paid solidarity visit on President Jonathan.
“I have  interacted with a lot Fulani friends and they have told me that those people are not the fulanis that are indigenous to Nigeria. “Last night, the President General of Miyetti Allah spent the night with me in Benue state. He told me there was a need for us to form a joint force: that is the Benue and the Fulani communities to fight these people who are creating these problems which clearly shows that these are people who are foreign even to the fulanis that we know.”
He said that the people are worried because elections are around the corner, adding that he had always believed that it is not just the Fulani herdsmen that are doing what they are doing in the zone but some insurgents who are camouflaging as Fulani men.
“Mr. President, what we have witnessed lately are well trained people who are trained to kill and destroy and the manner of destruction is so massive and is unimaginable. The North Central is very worried. The state mostly affected are Plateau, Nasarawa and Benue.
Governor Suswam said that the Fulani men that are well known and who have lived with Nigerians are part and parcel of the North Central, adding: “we know that they carry sticks  and at times, few of them carry dane guns to catch bush meat for Tiv people.”
The governor expressed surprise anf worry that inspite of the magnitude of destruction that is going on, no one person has so far been arrested.
“We are worried that without appropriate sanctions, they will continue with impunity because once people are not sanctioned, they don’t take that serious and I think the appropriate example must be shown.
Mr. President, you must insist that your security must arrest these people. If you see the level of destruction and the fact that no person has been arrested, It becomes worrisome. Mr. President, how these people get their arms, because they are carrying very sophisticated weapons, is also an issue that we are worried about and I believe that Mr. president is also very worried because all of us swore to the constitution to protect lives and property.
“But in a situation where we have some evil men deliberately conniving with some forces that we believe are subterranean, to destroy this country and the good achievements that you have put in place should be something that should worry all of us. So, the governors of the zone ask me to urge you to continue to put in all efforts in addressing these very important security problems.”

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