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Despite Economic Challenges, Nigeria Still Has What It Takes To Lead Africa – Ex President Jonathan

“Yes, we have challenges economically now but we still have what it takes to lead Africa.”
This is the verdict of the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan when he spoke to newsmen shortly after an audience with President Bola Tinubu at the Presidential villa, Abuja, today, October 27.
Jonathan, who congratulated President Tinubu on his final victory at judicial level, appealed to political leaders in the opposition to join hands in moving the country forward.
“You will see more of me because there are certain things we discussed (with President Tinubu) and the country must move forward. Elections are over and so we must move forward.”

He said that after the Supreme Court judgement, political leaders, including former Presidents, need to come together.
“We will not be fighting. If top leaders continue to fight, they will not suffer that much but the down trodden will suffer
“And we want to end that tension so we move forward.”
Dr. Jonathan said that he had interacted with many African leaders at various fora, one of which was with Professor Lumumba, who emphasized the need for Nigeria to take a lead in Africa.
He said that he would continue to have conversations with President Tinubu on some issues, including briefing him on all his foreign programmes. “They are not personal issues: traditionally, former Presidents, when they go outside the country for continental or regional programs, and even some international, when they come home, they brief the incumbent President. That is the tradition.
“Most atimes, when you see me here, that is what I come to do: to move Nigeria forward and to move ECOWAS forward and to move African continent forward.”

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