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Despite Several Rejections, We’ll Continue To Pursue Mayorship Of FCT – Senate President

Sen. Ahmed Lawan
 The President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawal has said that the issue of Mayorship status for the nation’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT) will continued to be pushed in the National Assembly until it succeeds.
The Senate President, while giving example of many bills that could not sail through I  the Senate, in answering questions from journalists today, April 21 in Abuja, assured that the Mayorship status of the FCT will come to pass sooner or later.
“Let me give you an example (about bills that could not make it). The Mayor for FCT; almost every constitutional amendment period Mayor of FCT will surface. But it has not been passed.
“Does that mean that we shouldn’t continue to ask for Major for FCT, especially by those that feel that there should be a Mayor? No!”
“We shouldn’t really lose hope: we should continue to campaign, we should talk to more and more members of the National Assembly. And we should also re strategize.”
Senator Lawal said that there were issues that concerned National Assembly itself that have not been passed.
“I felt bad that we couldn’t pass any of them. But I’m also very optimistic that if we re-strategize, look at the way we campaign, we could get either all of them or some of them passed in the next assembly by the grace of God.”
He confessed that there are things that “we have not been able to satisfactorily deal with. “And this is natural, because one, we don’t have sufficient funds; two, as human being, there are areas that naturally whatever you do, you may not get it right.
“But it’s for us to identify those areas, go back and rework them and this administration, as it winds up, a new one, an APC administration is coming in to take over and by the grace of God will have a national assembly that is also APC.
“So we will continue to work on those areas that we need to improve. So I am not going to talk about what areas because the time we have here is very limited.”

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