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Don’t Rubbish Image Of Tinubu’s Govt. Vice President Shettima Tells Aides

Vice President Kashim Shettima has cautioned Presidential and political aides to avoid any actions that could tarnish the image and reputation of the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
Vice President Shettima, who spoke today, September 4, at the opening of the retreat and sensitization programme for Presidential and political aides on administrative procedure and governance in the public sector in Abuja said: “from today, your words and actions will undergo more intense scrutiny, occasionally even rigorous criticism.”
He told participants, made up of political aides and senior civil servants, on the topic: “Forging a Path to Responsible Governance: A Call to Political Aides,” that the responsibility they would carry would not merely be about fulfilling their roles.
“It encompasses the aspirations of our entire nation.”
He said that the retreat is designed to facilitate their transition and equip them with the fundamental tenets of public sector administration and governance.
Vice President Shettima said that the mission of the Tinubu’s government is to uplift the lives of the citizens impartially and inspire lasting change.
“Leadership, for us, means breaking down barriers of inequality and fostering a safe, peaceful society. To truly expand educational opportunities and empower our youth with knowledge for self-reliance, we must fully dedicate ourselves to our duties within the State House.”
The Vice President observed that many of the participants are taking their initial steps into the realm of public service, especially at the federal level, but that their competence is beyond doubt.
“You are here because of your formidable skills, and our confidence in your potential to catalyze change.
“We yearn for fresh and imaginative ideas to harmonize with established practices.”
On the sensitive nature of their roles as political aides, Vice President Shettima said “from this very moment, you are bound by the laws of our land in all matters of official correspondence. These laws outline the consequences for both intentional and unintended mishandling of the information entrusted to your care.
“Should you falter in this duty, the consequences would ripple far beyond the intricate fabric of governance. They could erode public trust, jeopardize national security, and undermine the very integrity of our administration.
“Understand that your credibility, that of your team, your superiors, and indeed, the entire government, rests in the balance, and history reminds us that very few have emerged unscathed from the aftermath of such ethical lapses.”
The Vice President also reminded the participants that the State House is a bastion of order and the engine room of the nation’s public service.
“Within its precincts, operations pivot upon a hierarchy, wherein each role and position adheres to well-defined protocols and communication procedures.”
The Vice President then called for synergy and team work, reminding them that their primary instinct should always revolve around the recognition that they are part of a team, united in the pursuit of a shared objective.
“There is no need for rivalry. This, precisely, is the essence of your presence here.”
This was even as the Permanent Secretary in the State House, Engineer Funso Adebiyi said that the training was aimed at registering the commitment of the political aides towards actualizing the goals of the President Bola Tinubu led administration.
He said that participants would be exposed to techniques of information and documents management systems in order to ensure the smooth running of the new administration.
In attendance at the event were the Deputy Chief of Staff to the President, (DCoS), Office of the Vice President, Senator Ibrahim Hassan Hadeja; Permanent Secretary State House, the Director-General, National Intelligence Agency, Abubakar Rufa’i; the representative of the Director-General, Directorate of State Services and other senior government officials.
The retreat and sensitisation programme was organised by the State House, in conjunction with Direct Knowledge Consult Ltd and scheduled to end on 22.

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