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Rise In Educational Attainment By Nigeria Youth Is Not Matched With Quality – Buhari

Education poor
President Muhammadu Buhari has regretted that over the years, the increase in the number of young Nigerians with educational attainment has not matched the quality needed for job market.
He said: “although educational
attainment by Nigerian young people has increased significantly in the last decade, the relevance of curricula, quality of education and the fit with skills required by the job market, still remains a challenge for us as a country.”
President Buhari, who addressed Nigerian youth today on the occasion of the 2015 International Youth Day further regretted that unsuitable qualifications has limited the young peoples’ employment prospects and potential to contribute to national development.
He assured the youth that his new administration is poised to providing an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive so as to ensure greater opportunities for jobs to be created for young people.
“This, we believe, will assist in reducing criminal activities and terrorism. We have resolved to provide adequate infrastructure and strengthen our job creation institutions in order to increase opportunities for our young people.
“For Nigeria to sustainably create jobs and ensure growth, we will pay special attention to the growth of our Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. This can be achieved through boosting the intervention funds as guaranteed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.”
President Jonathan said that in order to ensure that young people are healthy, skilled and educationally empowered, “we will strengthen our academic and vocational training institutions as well as significantly improve our healthcare delivery system.”
He promised the youth that the concept of “Change” for his government is not just a political slogan, but the beginning of a new era desired by the majority of Nigerians.  “The youth must therefore be vanguards of this change and at the same time be the change that they wish to see.
“To this end and knowing that sustainable development cannot take place in the absence of peace, we must all work together towards the actualization of sustainable peace and harmony to enable this administration to build an enduring legacy.”
He stressed that his government is committed to fulfilling all the campaign promises even as he asked for cooperation and patience of Nigerians.
The President seized the opportunity to pay tribute to all the young people who played significant roles in making the 2015 General Elections a model for democratic governance in Africa.
“The role you played, individually and collectively, in not only being peaceful members of the electorate but also galvanising the social media platform and mobilizing your peers to make the right choice.
“Your role contributed in no small measure to having a credible election in an atmosphere that was hitherto tense and volatile. The outcome is today being celebrated worldwide.  Your role is greatly appreciated.”
President Buhari said that they had written their names in history and would be remembered as true heroes of the Nigeria democracy and as architects of change. [myad]

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