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FCT Minister Warns Owners Of Uncompleted Buildings In Abuja To Develop Them Or…

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has warned owners of uncompleted building and estates to move fast and development for immediate occupation or face forfeiture of such structures.

The Minister, who spoke to newsmen today, June 2 at the Presidential villa, Abuja, admitted that  such uncompleted buildings have been a challenge for the maintenance and sustenance of a secured city, free of insecurity city.

He said that any open space like those uncompleted sructres are easily occupied by criminal elements.

“We have continued to work towards a number of ways to solve that. First and foremost, now we have identified the uncompleted buildings, starting from the epicenter, center of the city in cycles who are moving out.

“We have identified the owners of these buildings and we have communicated in the open media, open source, as well as directly with the owners of these buildings that they have to start removing them.

“And invariably, what usually happens is that a person would put up a building and he give the security man to take care of it. He doesn’t probably live in Abuja, or he doesn’t go there and before you know it, the security men also sublet and something like that. We know how it goes, but it’s something we are working on because we know that on a number of occasions, we’ve been able to identify criminals in some of these houses.

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“But we do it with a human face in such a way that you know, you don’t create too much societal upheaval, but it’s something that is ongoing.”

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