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FCT Minister, Wike, Accuses Some Nigerian Media Of Fabricating Lies Against Him

Governor Nyeson Wike of River State
The minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyeson Wike has accused some Nigerian media of fabricating news about what he never said and done.
Reacting to the recent news articles in the media that he is embarking on a demolition spree, targeting 6,000 houses across 30 settlements in Abuja as well as the Wadata Plaza, in a statement today, August 23, Wike said that the story is entirely false without any basis in reality.
“The story on demolition of 6,000 houses was reported by a national daily newspaper on the 22nd  of August 2023 with the caption “Abuja land: FG may revoke land allocations, demolish 6000 buildings, slums” while another mainstream newspaper also published this highly irritating story: “Wadata Plaza will go down, Reactions trail Wike’s demolition threat.”
The  minister said that in none of his pronouncements since he assumed office listed the areas or the number of illegal houses to be removed, saying that his emphasis has always been that illegal settlements and structures would be removed for the greater good of the public.
The statement, issued by
by the Director of Press in the office of the minister, Anthony Ogunleye, said that another vexing issue is the headline by a reputable broadcast station saying, “I will fix Abuja in 6 days” and attributed same to the FCT Minister.
“We wish to state quite clearly that at no time did the Honourable Minister say this or allude to this phrase in any way. This headline therefore, is borne purely out of mischief.
“The Honourable Minister has consistently demonstrated a commitment to responsible urban development and the welfare of the people even while he was the governor of Rivers State, a commitment he has assured residents within the FCT since he assumed office as Minister.
“The claim that he is orchestrating large-scale demolitions is not only inaccurate but also lacks credibility
“Such sensationalist reporting not only misleads the public but also undermines the vital role that accurate and well-researched journalism plays in our society.
“It is important to remember that the development and maintenance of the FCT is guided by carefully crafted policies and regulations, with a focus on sustainable urban growth and the preservation of residents’ rights.
“Any decisions made in this regard are rooted in comprehensive assessments, community consultations, and adherence to the rule of law.
“On the other hand, the story on the 300M bulletproof car was credited to an online auto blog with the caption: “This ₦300M Armored Lexus LX 600 fitted with ‘FCT – 01’ reportedly belong to FCT Minister, Wike.”
“In a swift reaction, the Minister, who spoke today, 23rd August, 2023 during his first project tour at the Abuja Metro station stressed that the vehicle was not bulletproof as claimed but a regular SUV.
“We encourage journalists, bloggers and media outlets to exercise responsible journalism by verifying information from authorised sources before disseminating it to the public.
“Fabricated stories, such as the ones in question, only serve to damage the reputation of respected public figures and create unnecessary anxiety amongst the citizenry.
“We want to emphasize that the Honourable Minister remains steadfast in his dedication to improving the quality of life for all residents of the FCT.
“Any claims to the contrary are purely the result of misinformation and should be treated as such.”

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