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Senate Works On Take Off Grant Of N3.9 Billion For College Of Alternative Medicine

Minister_of_HealthNigeria senate is working towards the establishment of College of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nigeria with takeoff grant of N3,9 Billion. Second reading on the bill in that direction was passed today.
The bill, sponsored by Senator Clever Ikisipo (Bayelsa East) said that the take-off grant will cover consultancy, capital costs, personnel emoluments, and cost of specialized training  for staff, among others.
Presenting the lead debate on the floor of the senate, Ikisipo noted that the bill is aimed at providing constitutional backing for the Federal College of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, created as an agency under the Federal Ministry of Health in 2007.
He explained that ensuring legislative backing for the college would ultimately complement federal government’s efforts at encouraging alternative medicine practice which had already been embraced by medical practitioners in most Europe, Asian and African countries.
The college he said, is saddled with the responsibility of training and retraining alternative medicine practitioners in the health care delivery services.
He also said that the institution will carry out clinical and research as well as provide an alternative method of treating ailments.
“Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is the branch of medicine whose philosophy is grounded in the enhancement of the body’s own healing power through the use of natural means.
“This branch of medicine is coming to the forefront of health care in most Asian countries,  African countries,  European countries and America today, thus having the effect of a healthier and stronger society and enhancing our very valuable human resources. “
Since its establishment in 2007, he said the college had done research into various remedies that can cure major diseases like cancer, cholera, VVF, as well as advanced management and cure of HIV/AIDS.
Ikisipo however, regretted that the college had been producing remedies for ailments over the years without the proper legislative framework necessary for its development and progress.
“At present, the college is the first of its kind in Africa teaching osteopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Natural Medicine and other related disciplines in one single institution.”
The senator assured Nigerians that the institution is capable of increasing life expectancy in Nigeria from 45 to 75 years, based on the quality and effective healthcare services it is capable of providing.

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