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How Kuje Bomber Escaped Unhurt – Eye Witness

Kuje bomb scene
It has been confirmed that the young man who bombed Kuje market, in the Nigeria Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on Friday, leading to the death of at least 15 people, escaped from the scene unhurt.
Eye witness account said that the young man, in his early twenty, approached a trader on the entrance to the market and begged him (the trader) to kindly watch over a polythene bag which he dropped by his aside.
The trader and another man who was carrying out the business of registering GSM lines nearby, gladly allowed the bomber to drop the polythene bag after which he (the bomber) left the place.
The source said that it was not up to ten minutes after the strange man left the scene than the bomb exploded from the polythene bag, killing the trader, the man registering GSM lines and other people nearby.
The source said that the impact of the bomb threw two men into a nearby gutter, mangled a motorcycle and killed 12 others instantly.
This was even as the explosion at the Kuje police station, which occurred about 30 minutes before the one that occurred in the market, was said to have been carried out by a young woman who wanted to gain entrance into the compound of the station by climbing the perimetre fence at the western side.
The source hinted that the female bomber had taken advantage of the darkness around a church inside the police station at about 9.18pm, and that the bomb exploded and blew her up before she could jump down from the fence.
It was learnt that the intention of the female bomber would probably have been to walk to the counter where police officers were attending to cases from civilians to blow them up, but could not make it.
It was learnt that the flesh of the female bomber scattered all over the place and had to be picked up to clean up the environment.
The source said that the two incidences were carried out to instill fear in the minds of the people and to embarrass President Muhammadu Buhari and his government.
Meanwhile, security operatives are still cordoning off the market even as normal movement of people and vehicle is gradually returning to the scenes of the explosions.  [myad]

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