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I Have Confidence Buhari Will Confront Corruption Head-On, Chief Anyaoku Swears


Former Commonwealth Secretary-General, Emeka Anyaoku has vouched for the anti-corruption credential of President Muhammadu Buhari which he said he would put into good use as President to cleanse Nigeria of the endemic disease.

Chief Anyaokun who met with the President today at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, ahead of the President’s official trip to the United States at the weekend said that he had confidence in Buhari, recalling that the President was well known for his strong aversion to corruption.

“I can tell myself, talking to a President who is very determined to effect a real change in the circumstances of our country and very determined too to bring to bear on his administration the generally perceived attributes of his character, which I believe many Nigerians would support.

“I believe that before he became President, he was known as somebody who has very strong passion for anti-corruption. I believe that he is determined to fight it and he would go a long way in doing so.

“Corruption is a very endemic issue in our society and I’m quite impressed of his determination to do something about it.”

Chief Anyaoku told newsmen that during his close-door meeting with President Buhari, they talked international affairs, particularly the President’s impending visit to the United States.

“We touched on some national issues because of the strong link between foreign policy and domestic issues.

“I put at his disposal the benefits of my long experience on governance matters with heads of governments of the 54-member countries of the Commonwealth and also other issues related to internal affairs.”

Meanwhile, the Presidency has disclosed that the governors of Imo, Nasarawa, Oyo, Borno and Edo states would accompany Buhari on the trip to the United States.

Buhari would leave Abuja on Sunday for Washington DC on the four-day official visit during which he will hold high-level talks with President Barack Obama and other senior officials of the United States government, with issues of security and economy topping the agenda.

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The talks will also aim to strengthen and intensify bilateral and international cooperation against terrorism in Nigeria and West Africa, according to an Aso Rock statement signed by presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina.

“President Buhari, who will meet  with President Obama at the White House on Monday, July 20, will later hold further discussions with the Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, and the Deputy Secretary of Defence, Robert Work, on military and defence cooperation.

“The President will also meet with Vice President Joe Biden and confer with the U.S. Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew, the Secretary of Commerce,  Penny Pritzker, and the U.S. Trade representative, Michael Froman, on United States support for his administration’s war against corruption as well as  fresh measures to boost Nigeria-United States trade relations.

“The President, who will be received by the United States Secretary of State at the State Department in Washington DC, will later hold meetings with the United States Senate and Congressional Committees on Foreign Relations, as well as the Black Caucus of the United States House of Representatives.

“Before leaving Washington DC, President Buhari will address the United States Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Council for Africa.

“The President, who will be accompanied by the Governors of Imo, Nasarawa, Edo, Borno and Oyo States as well as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and Permanent Secretaries of the Federal Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Industry, Trade and Investment, will also host an interactive session with Nigerians in the American Diaspora.

“The U.S. trip will also afford President Buhari the opportunity of a reunion with members of the American War College Class of 1980 in which he was a distinguished participant.

He is  due back in Abuja on Thursday, July 23,” the statement from the Presidency said. [myad]

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