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I Left To Pray, Not Walked Out On Senate President, Senator Ndume Explains

The Senate Chief Whip, Ali Ndume (APC, Borno South) has explained that he left the plenary on Tuesday after he was ruled out, to observe his noon prayer and did not walk out on the Senate President.

“I made a point and the Senate President ruled me out of order, then I left because you know, it was close to 1:30 pm and whatever business we are doing, I normally go to pray.

“The press misinterpreted it and the Senate President misinterpreted it, that I got annoyed and left.

“When I came to the office, they said the Senate was in executive session, that I should come because we said we should have executive session. I said let me go to the executive session briefly because I have already performed ablution and continued to the Mosque.

“That was what happened. I was just trying to guide the Senate President.

“We are all learning, including the Senate President.”

Senator Ndume had, at the plenary,raised a point of order 54, saying it was the responsibility of the Chief Whip to remind and guild Senate on procedure and processes of plenary.

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Senator Ndume, through the order, attempted to   draw the attention of the Senate President to matters relating to proceedings of Senate.

“Sir, nobody is too big to learn,” Ndume said.

But the President of the Senate, shortly after listening to Ndume’s point of order  said that the section quoted by Ndume was not the same with the content of order 54 cited and consequently ruled him out of order.

At this point, Senator Ndume  left the plenary and went to his office, as Senate President called for a closed session.

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