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I’m Disappointed In Some Big Media Houses, Kaduna Gov Complains Over Tribunal Verdict

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has expressed huge disappointment with the conduct of those he called some “big media houses” that gave misleading report about the judgement of the state guvernorship election petitions tribunal.
In an interview on Channels’ TV’s politics, the Governor did not mince words in condemning the media houses, accusing them of allowing themselves to be used as the opposition propaganda machine.
The tribunal had earlier yesterday, September 28, dismissed the petition by the governorship candidate of the PDP challenging Sani’s victory in the 18 March governorship election in the state, saying it lacked merit.
But during the interview, Uba Sani said that he was extremely disappointed by some big media houses which went to the press when the ruling was going on.
“I thank Isah Ashiru for even approaching the tribunal to ventilate his anger. As a democrat I believe that if you are not satisfied with an election, you should approach the court.
“Looking at my background as someone who has spent a good part of his life as an activist, I believe in democracy and the rule of law. That is why when Isah Ashiru approached the tribunal I believe it’s within his rights.
“Today the tribunal has made its judgment. It dismissed the case. That is why in my own statement I called on him and his supporters and my supporters to calm down. It’s about moving Kaduna State forward. I thank him for contesting the election.
“I think there is no confusion about the Kaduna State tribunal judgement. As I said some of us that have been involved in the draft of the electoral law know that there is nothing like confusion there. The case was dismissed because it lacks merit. The preliminary objection was made out of hand.
“There are a lot of cases like this. We are not here to talk about propaganda. There are two things here: you either win a political battle or you win a propaganda battle. I was disappointed in some big media houses.
“I think PDP started misinforming and misleading some very important media houses. I am extremely disappointed in them. When the ruling was going on, Media Houses went to the press. In 2003 I was a spokesperson for President Obasanjo. Of course I know the media very well.”

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