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It’s Fake, FCT Minister, Wike, Did Not Order Demolition Of Jabi Motor Park – Investigation

Photo by The nation Online

Investigation has revealed that a minute-twenty-seven-second video, shared on TikTok and forwarded many times on WhatsApp with the claim that the new FCT Minister and former governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has ordered the demolition of Jabi Motor Park in Abuja is false.
The investigation, conducted by the Daily Trust on Sunday via Google reverse image search, showed that the video was from 2020 when the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) ordered the demolition of illegal shops in the Jabi Motor Park.
Also, in 2022 the Jabi Art Village as well as some illegal structures along Jabi Dakibiyu were demolished.
To further verify the authenticity of the video, a correspondent visited the section of the park rumoured to be undergoing demolition and discovered there was no ongoing demolition.
It was therefore confirmed that the video in circulation suggesting that the FCT minister Nyesom Wike had started demolition of Jabi Motor Park is false and misleading.
It would be recalled that in showing the video clip that went viral, someone speaking in the Hausa language was heard lamenting: “everyone in Nigeria knows Jabi Park and today the government has ordered its demolition. Our shops have been demolished and our business burned.
“Does the government want us to be criminals in society? We have found businesses to sustain ourselves but the government has come to put it to shame. We will not become criminals; we will continue to work but the government needs to look into the situation.”

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