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New Hajj Commission Chairman, Jalal Arabi Assumes Duty With “TSA” Mantra

The newly appointed Acting Chairman/CEO of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), Alhaji Jalal Ahmad Arabi has assumed office with what he called TSA Mantra. He explained the Mantra to be “Trust, Sacrifice and Allah knows best.”
Jalal, who took over the rein at the Hajj Commission today, October 18, made it clear that he had come to rigorously persue the vision and mission of the commission with the sole aim of seeing to the interest of the pilgrims.
He said that he regarded his appointment as a call to services, saying that he is fully out to achieve his goal by improving the service rendered to the pilgrims.
“My appointment was a privilege. I am lucky to be called upon to serve the Guests of Allah, knowing fully well that the reward for serving the guest of Allah will be both Here and Hereafter.
“I know, like all establishments, we have our mission, vision and it is being pursued vigorously before now but certainly there is always room for improvement in whatever endeavour. Of course, without prejudice to what we intend to achieve through our vision and mission, I have come with three nouns that will be so cardinal and of course will be laying on the tripod. I call them ‘TSA’ and my definition is entirely different from the TSA you know.
“Let me start with my T – trust. I know most of us, if not all, know the burden of trust and responsibility on any Muslim that is so charged to carry that trust.
“My ‘S’ is sacrifice. Whoever is entrusted with trust knows that he or she makes sacrifice and my A is Allah. Allah knows all.”
Earlier, Alhaji Nura Hassan Yakasai, congratulated Jalal Arabi on his appointment, reminding him that the task ahead are enormous and very challenging.
“We congratulate you for your appointment. The outgoing chairman would have wished to be here but due to some reasons beyond his control, he couldn’t make it. But I believe he will be here in the afternoon or when he will be able to meet you.
“Apart from that, I just want to mention that you are coming in or stepping into the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria at a critical time, at the time when all the preparations for Hajj are supposed to start or have already started and unfortunately, this time around the period or time given by the Saudi authority is different from the traditional ones where we have sufficient time to do whatever we want to do or arrange but unfortunately you have a very short time.
“The assurance I will give is that you have capable staff here that can assist you to succeed and it is our hope and prayers that you succeed.”
He solicited the cooperation of all stakeholders, especially the staff in order to make things better.
“Our train is moving, we need to re-position the commission to be able to perform our job better and we shouldn’t do anything to slow it down.
“We shall try to address some of the complaints that have been made. We therefore need to work as a team.”
He also promised to build a well-disciplined, professional and highly motivated staff, but said they must earn it. “Therefore, I urge you to re-dedicate ourselves to our duties.”

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