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2023: Multimillionaire Son Of Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland In Kogi Joins Presidential Train

Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim, one of the  sons of a first class King, the  Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in Kogi State, Alhaji Ado Ibrahim has joined in the contest for the Presidency in the 2023 election under the umbrella of  the Young Progressives Party (YPP).
Speaking to newsmen yesterday,  October 28 in Abuja, Malik said that his intention to run for the presidency in 2023 is as a result of what he called “leadership vacuum” in the country.
He said that Nigeria needs a leader who would unite the country and carry everybody along, irrespective religion and tribe.
“This is not an ordinary time in Nigeria. We have seen mediocrity reign. We have seen people losing interest in Nigeria.
“We have greatness within us but we are just letting things happen, things don’t just happen. If you do not sow, you will not reap. Don’t expect that if you leave things void, excellence will shine. Mediocrity will rule.
“I have a love for Nigeria. I lived outside this country for 47 years, studied, worked hard and I returned home, not because I didn’t have any other thing to do, but I have things to do here. I learned, I listened and I got involved.”
On why he joined the YPP, the multimillionaire Prince said: “I am joining YPP because if I try this in any other party in this country, I will be shoved to the bottom of the party.
“We are stuck giving the mantle of leadership to people who do not completely understand what the bulk of this population means. We don’t want a president by name, we demand leadership.”
He said that Nigeria needed a visionary leader, stressing that the current leadership of the country has failed woefully.
“I like to see the future. I like to dream big and I want to take people along that journey with me.
“I am telling every young person in Nigeria, you cannot give up. These are ordinary times that require extraordinary measures. Get involved. “There is a party waiting for you, called YPP.
“The establishment has failed us woefully. Nobody should be left behind. It is important that we have to find a ‘Unifier-in-Chief’: somebody who loves this country. Who is not going to ask you where are you from but will ask you what are the contents of your heart. What do you bring to the table?
“I am bringing a visionary form of leadership that I show in my companies, including my friends and my loved ones. I don’t want to dream small, I must dream big and I want to carry people along to the future.
“Nigeria needs visionaries: we need people with pedigree. We need people whose names count. “We want to build things here for the world to come and see, we want to do things that people will be proud of.”.
Speaking earlier, the national chairman of YPP, Emmanuel Bishop Amakiri, said that Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim resonates with the YPP ideology.
“We have provided the vehicle for Nigerians now, which is the YPP and the doors are open for like-minds: men and women of distinct character and moral nobility that can come and help to reset Nigeria.
“Nigeria needs a reset of leadership because all the things we are going through today in our country is as a result of leadership failure and I can tell you that once leadership is fixed, every other thing is possible.”

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