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2023: UN Warns Supporters Of Presidential Candidates Against Hate Speeches, Fake News

The United Nations (UN) has warned supporters of the Presidential candidates of the major political parties in Nigeria to avoid act of thuggery, hate speeches and spreading of fake news.

In a goodwill message today, October 1 in Abuja, to mark 62nd Independence Anniversary of Nigeria, Acting Head of Mission and Country Representative, International Peace Commission in the UN, Ambassador Hussaini H. Coomassie, advised the presidential candidates to prioritise message of peace, unity of Nigeria and her development during this campaign period.

Dr. Coomassie, who doubles as the global vice chairman, Advocacy for Good Governance & Social Justice Network (AGGSJN), stressed the need for the supporters of the major presidential candidates against thuggery, hate speeches and fake news during the electioneering campaign.

He congratulated Nigerians at home and abroad for the 62nd Independence Anniversary, even as he expressed the hope that the country will overcome all the challenges confronting it presently.

The statement reads: “From the International Peace Commission of the United Nations we felicitate with Nigerians home and abroad for celebrating the country’s 62nd Anniversary of Independence from the colonial rule. It is our firm believe that Nigeria shall overcome all her challenges and emerge a great Nation that is destined to be.

“As the Nigerians getting ready to elect another leader to succeed the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari next year, it is our hope, however, that the major contenders will prepare their minds and that of their supporters to gladly accept whatever the outcome will be in the sportsmanship spirit.

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“This I emphasise should be registered in their minds that only one of them will emerge victorious at the poll as Nigerian voters will decide. Therefore, I urge the political gladiators and their supporters to embrace peace, preach peace and practice peace during and after this forthcoming exercise.

“Nigeria should be seen as a collective project and not a personal project. This Nation is greater than anyone and history will not forget in a hurry whatever said and done either in the country’s favour or against her.”

According to Dr. Coomassie, something is now clear that no administration will ever take the country and its youths for granted again based on the current politicial consciousness of Nigerians.

He also called on the Nigerian youths to actively and peacefully participate in the ongoing process and elect a leader that will protect their future and the generations yet unborn.

“I believe that God in His mercy has magnanimously blessed Nigeria with enormous resources. This nation is only yearning for a right leadership to creatively tap into these resources and turn around her fortune. The forthcoming national election is another opportunity to right the wrong.”



    I still cannot fathom why some still amplifies celebrate and champion the course of an outmaneuvered spent force, a TOOTHLESS bulldog that has become USELES and IRRELEVANT.

    The UN is no longer RESPECTABLE in all aspects. Who still listens to the OBSELETE body that has outlived its essence?

    UN should keep away and out of Nigerian politics and take its partisanship elsewhere. It is not TRUSTWORTHY.

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