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Atiku Attributes Nigeria’s Multiple Problems To Lack Of Unity Amongst Citizens

Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has confirmed that the root cause of the multiple problems facing Nigeria today can be traced to increasing lack of unity amongst the citizens.

“Though Nigeria is beset with challenges that range from inadequacies of our economic plans to cover a large percentage of our people who live below the poverty line; to security skirmishes that daily threaten the safety of lives and property of Nigerians, the root cause of these problems is traceable to the increasing lack of unity amongst us.”

In a statement today, September 30 by his spokesman, Paul Ibe, to mark the 62nd Independence Day anniversary, which comes up tomorrow, October 1st, Atiku said that the celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day is an event that should reawaken the people’s consciousness towards the consolidation of unity amongst the diverse people of the country.

The PDP presidential candidate, who was the nation’s Vice President under Olusegun Obasanjo, said that Nigeria has come a long way after the independence 62 years ago passing through different phases of challenges.

“The democracy that we have is the requisite antidote to the current challenges that we face,” assuring that as One people and under the canopy of One Country sharing in One future, “we will surmount our challenges and enthrone the Nigeria of our dreams.

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“And as we go into the general elections next year, Atiku Abubakar urged all Nigerians to give the issue of building national unity primary attention.

“Nigerians should elect leaders who are individuals with proven track records of being protagonists of unity and peace.

“I believe that when we fix the issues that continue to compromise our national unity, we would invariably fix issues that upset our peace and security and subsequently create an environment that can encourage economic prosperity.”

Atiku called on all friends of Nigeria in the international community to continue to have confidence in the country because, “as a people we never give up.”

He also called on all people of faith across the country not to relent in their prayers to God to keep Nigeria as a country of peace and prosperity for the good of all its people.

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