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Borno Governor Has Been Offering N1 Million To Family Of Soldier Killed In Boko Haram Operation

Borno-State-GovernorFacts have emerged to show that Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima has been providing the sum of one million naira to the family of any soldier killed in the battle with Boko Haram.
According to the governor’s spokesman, Isa Gusau said in a statement today said that through a strong network of communities involvement Governor Shettima has been working hard in generating and providing information the security forces process for their intelligence.
“The State provides N1m to families of every soldier killed in combat as palliative to familes and to motivate others on battle field. Security chiefs have unfettered access to the Governor as they see him at the shortest time with or without prior appointment, day or night.
“The Governor acts on his daily reports appropriately even as he inspires youth volunteers, trained and equipped them with patrol vehicles and pays them salaries to do community policing to complement troops.”
Gusau, was obviously reacting, on behalf of the governor, to the damning report of Amnesty International today that indicted security forces over the abducted female students of the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok in Borno state
He said that Amnesty International clearly directed its report at the Federal Government, saying that Governor Shettima will not comment on the report. “But the Governor deeply appreciates the efforts and sacrifices of security agencies in Borno State who have been engaged in counter-insurgency operations in the last three years with some of them laying their lives for the State. The Governor also respects the Amnesty International as a credible institution and will not doubt it’s findings. The Governor is very much committed to supporting ongoing search and rescue efforts to free Borno’s precious daughters. “More than any other person in position of authority, Governor Shettima is deeply pained by that unfortunate abduction and is committed to providing all necessary support security agencies and community volunteers towards freeing his daughters. Just for the record, Governor Kashim Shettima has since assuming power, accorded nothing short of outstanding support for all security agencies in the State and this has been well acknowledged by different heads of security agencies at various times.
“Borno State under his tenure, has provided over 300 brand new hilux patrol vehicles to them. The state fuels these vehicles daily and provides maintenance. “The State provides other material logistics to security agencies.”

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