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How Boko Haram Retards Jonathan’s Planned Development Of Nigeria-Maku

MAKUNigerian information minister, Labaran Maku has said that Nigeria would have by now, reached an eldorado if it were not the destructive activities of Boko Haram.
The minister, who gave a run-down of the lofty achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan when he addressed newsmen today shortly after the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting at the Presidential Villa, said if Nigera were to be enjoying peace, it would have attained developmental milestone that is unequaled in the anals of history.
According to Maku, under President Jonathan, railway is back, many good network of roads have sprang up, effective power supply is back and millions of jobs have been created for the youths, among other things.
“If Nigeria were to be enjoying peace like Ghana and other African countries, it would have reached the higheight of development by now.”
The minister emphasized that the President has been able to move on with the main points of his government Transformation Agenda inspite of the dangerous security environment in which he is operating.
“Imagine the level of development that would have been achieved if a lot of money is not been sank into the security challenges.
“The entire money we are spending is to maintain security in states controlled by that party ( opposition All Progressives Congress).
He accused the opposition of playing politics wity the security situation.
“(While) We are busy spending money to maintain security in those states, what have they done about it? Because 90 percent of all insurgency is in states controlled by that party. 90 percent of those campaigning to bring back Chibok girls are members of that party.
“Because the media will look the other way. No, I think that honestly, if we want this country to grow, we must ask the relevant questions. The Chibok girls remain our number one priority, we will never sleep, we will not rest until God brings them out. But for you to now begin to look at it as if, when people do wrong, we are the fire fighters, the federal government is a fire fighter. We did not creat this insurgence or the structure that led to them. You know where they came from but you are now blaming the fire fighter for the fire.”

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