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I Was Supposed To Win 100% In Anambra; I Don’t Know Who’ll Vote Against Me – Obi

Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi has said that he was supposed to have won 100 percent of vote cast in Anambra State in the February 25 Presidential election because nobody would vote against him.

Speaking today, on an Arise TV programme, Peter Obi said: “if you want to know whether I got 95% in Anambra State, come and go to Anambra with me. I don’t need Police. When I come out, you will see the reaction of the people.

“In fact, I am actually surprised that I did not get up to 100%. I’m telling you, because I don’t know who can be voting against me in Anambra State.

“In the South-East, it’s a similar situation. People know me, people know what I stand for, people know I have kept to my promises, people know I have kept to what I have said.

“It’s a simple thing. Is like people go about to say oh, he got votes in Lagos because of the Igbos. How many Igbos live in Lagos? Are there Igbos in Nasarawa? Are there Igbos in Plateau, are there Igbos in Abuja?

“In Rivers where you know that the Governor came out, kicked against me. If the real votes of Rivers were counted, I won. I have over 50 per cent of the votes, the other two parties were sharing the other.

“I won in Aso Rock. Would you say it is rigging? Which machinery do I have to rig? I have no councilor, no Local Government Chairman, I’m not in control of anything, not even the DPO. So which machinery will I use to rig?

“They are the ones who have believed in this. What they are doing is what I’m trying to change and those who are not certified with what I came for are part of the people we are trying to change.”

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